Time to update the Crash Course... need more links

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sparky, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I know there are a couple grammatical mistakes in it, and I definitely need to add more to the section on safety.... among a couple other things I could tweak while going over it.

    But what else is there to add?? I've come up with this stuff that stands out right off top of me head....

    - Znsane's pusher trailer
    - Sickbikeparts.com
    - Ghetto tubeless method
    - Bicycletutor.com instructional videos

    I've had lots more links, but they were lost in dark matter since I couldn't edit the Crash Course at the time. So, Tom, would you please take off the time limit for editing posts?? It makes large threads a lot more useful when the OP can edit the first post for cleaner organization. Thanks!

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    Go ahead and reply to your own post, just quote it to get all the source back, make the changes and then post it. I will go ahead and copy & paste it to make it look like your original post. Thats just easier to do than messing around with editing permissions.
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    Done copying... I'll just PM you with the newer version.

    Anybody have some more material to add??
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    I have a few things....
    LargeF's 3 speed trike!

    Lots of 4 stroke info, now

    New forums....recumbent, trikes, electrical/lighting & tires!!

    you could add: happy-timecycles, thescooterguy, www.ezmotorbike.com.... man there's a bunch of vendors.... just bump the vendor areas....hahaha

    thanks sparky!!! :grin5:
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    Yup, remembered LF's trike shortly after seeing the freewheel page.

    Here we go...

    - Freewheeling thread && link to dual freewheel
    - Large's FWD trike
    - ZnsaneRyder's pusher trailer
    - Multiple drive roller idea(s)
    - Full suspension bikes compatible with HT & SBP kits
    - Instructions for HT (2) (Didn't a vendor somewhere have a PDF?)... here's one, but not pdf
    - Video instructions for HT
    - Video instructions for bicycle repair
    - Sick Bike Parts && HybriPed (Is HybriPed technically vendor or no?) && link to the vendor reviews section
    - Legal stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
    - Ghetto tubeless tires
    - Stan's notubes
    - Home remedy for foggy goggles
    - Links to new MBc sections

    What specific 4-stroke stuff should be added??
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