tip for air leaks



air leaks a real problem ,,can act many different ways ,, when placing the adapter intake on,, take note of the weld ,, the 2 nuts that you just tighten in many cases are not pressing against the flange of the adapter ,but is pressing against the weld on the side of the adapter ,,file the weld so that the nuts
now press against the flange of the adapter ,, this problem was tricky to find because after you tighten the nuts you would think the flange is tight against the motor,,so with a good gasket and always place a o,ring between the carb and the adapter you should
have no air leaks ,,hope this will help
that is just what i did when i got my kit i seen washer on weld and filed it before i even instaled and also took a flat file to intake to make sure it was as true as posble.