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    we all know that having an air leak in our engines is one of the worst problems, I have seen this problem discussed on the forums a lot , iv'e even had my 50cc engine catch fire due to an air leak, i have tried many kinds of gasket material such as cork gasket and even rubber gasket but they all burned to a crisp due to the engines high temperature, i understand the engines come with a thin metal gasket, but i found that this does not completely seal the head of the engine, no matter how tight the bolts are, so i have recently discovered a liquid head gasket called "permatex Indian shellac gasket compound". what it is, is a thick brown liquid you spread around where your gasket would set, and it hardens and seals the engine, basically its the same stuff as lock-tight. it comes in a small 2 ounce bottle you can buy at auto-zone for 3.99, it also has an applicator brush in the bottle, but be sure! not to let it drip into the engine on the piston!, this could lead to catastrophic engine failure, only do this if you know what your doing. if you guys ever need any tips feel free to message me, or just reply to this post, i am very experienced in motorized bikes as i have been building them for the last 4 years, currently i own a 50cc happytime engine from gasbike.net

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    Heal those vacuum leaks

    I've found that Krylon clear acrylic spray coating works great for sealing up those mysterious air leaks, not only on your motored bike, but on "real" engines as well. (Worked wonders for my daughter's aged Volvo.)

    Shake the rattle can thoroughly, then shoot little "puffs" of Krylon at the suspected leaky places while the engine is running. When you hit a good spot the engine speed will change, as the engine sucks some flammable Krylon into the intake flow, and/or has a partial closure of the leak. Shoot additional quick shots at the affected area(s) until no more engine speed changes are noted. Then, shut 'er down and let the Krylon set.

    Once sucked into the leaks the Krylon hardens up to seal off said leaks forever, or until you take things apart later on.

    Good luck!
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    I've been using that (Indian Head) for as ever as I can remember..something like the past 50 years, long with Permatex Aviation Gasket Sealer. For metal head gaskets (that's all we had to use back then) we used Copper Kote..still do. In a pinch, Aluminum spray paint. Nothing new here.

    Oh...The Indian Head Sealer...I cut and throw away the applicator, and use a small paint brush.
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    Yeah, I don't even use the stock head gasket now. I just use the Indian gasket sealant. Also, with head gasket being gone, I milled flat the head also. You now need to really be going a better speed to jump start due to major compression. So far, so good at 600 miles???????????
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    O.k. so I repaired several fuel leaks(gas tank, Carb bowl) the end the bike started sputtering and running a little rough. It appears I now have a small amount of fuel and if I watch closely smoke from head gasket........Would JB quick work to seal it up instead of buying a new gasket ?
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    Dont use jb for the head gasket. Use one of the products mentioned in the above posts. I personally really like copperkote.