tip of throttle cable pops off the pin/hat setup when I try to pull the throttle

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  1. erickster

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    My throttle is setup right, but when I go to give it gas, it's good for a short time, but finally the tip of the throttle cable slips through the gap in the little cylinder that it mounts in.

    Anyone even have this problem? Any suggestions? It's really annoying!!!!

  2. Any way you can take a pic?
  3. erickster

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    Clutch pin...how?

    (edit) Oh I goofed. How does one get that back?
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  4. eltatertoto

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    probablly flooded. turn off the gas and let it sit.
  5. erickster

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    how long would u typically wait? (for future info-- i am learning a lot!)
  6. azbill

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    if the carb is flooded, you can usually get it started by staying at WOT (wide-open-throttle) until it starts
    ...always works for me
  7. erickster

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    Well, it's a day later, and it still won't start. I dunno what's going on. Any other ideas? Could it be an issue with my throttle? It feels good, and everything looks setup right. I didn't think I'd have so many problems just trying to make the motor start. :-/
  8. Wait. It's slipping from inside the carb? Sounds like someone (not necessarily you)may have gotten too carried away with the throttle. Take out your air filter and look down the intake while you turn your throttle to make sure it's moving.
    Look at this carefully. Sorry if this all sounds Romper Room but you gotta explore the simplistics before going further.

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  9. Ericster,sorry for goofing up your post up there.

    What do you mean exactly by clutch pin coming out?
  10. erickster

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    Let me see if I can explain it. I don't know all the technical words. It's annoying being a "Newb" at something. I'm a business owner and am used to knowing exactly what I'm talking about, haha.

    I don't think I meant clutch pin, I meant the pin at the end of the throttle line.

    For example..

    ()_____)= ----------------------------------------((( )--
    Throttle......the cable that runs to the engine .......Spring,Pin

    The end of the cable that attaches to the cylinder with the pin and the spring has a little nubby end that we're supposed to slip into the opening on the side of the cylinder right? And that little nubby end slides in and gets caught, allowing the line to pull the spring up, which pulls the pin up. Well, I was at the park and got my engine running, parked it, and tried giving it some gas-- I was trying to set my idle up and make sure it was all running smooth. I started giving it some gas, and as I pulled the throttle, the line popped, and the throttle became loose.

    I took apart the throttle to check if it has popped out of the throttle, but it was fine. So I checked the other end of the cable (unscrewed the hat) to find that the little "nubby end" has slipped through the cylinder, releasing the spring, cylinder, and pin all the way down into the carb, which made my engine turn off. I simply stuck my pinky in there and pulled it all out, re-set it all, and started it back up. No problem getting it running again. I parked it again after getting it going, and did the same thing, and the pin popped through again! At this point I was little annoyed, and again, unscrewed the hat and tried to see why this was happening.

    After looking close at the little "nubby end" of the throttle line, I noticed that it's a little thinner one way, then the other. I actually tried with my hands to pull the cable to see how easy it was to pull out, and when it was set in on the thinner side, it slipped through with not much force, but when I turn it a little bit, it held much better. My thought is maybe I got a throttle line that was a little messed up.

    I have it set up again, and it hasn't fallen out since, but my motor still doesn't turn on. Do you think my throttle might be set up wrong? That's the only other solution I can think of.

    I hope that made sense, it's so hard to type it!
  11. erickster

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    By the way, I've looked at the photos of other people's spring, cylinder, pin setup and mine looks identical. I also have some instructions that I've followed carefully, and see nothing wrong with the way I've assembled it. THe only other solution I can think of is my throttle is too loose, and not allowing gas through, but I tried giving my bike full throttle while starting it up, and that doesn't work..... weird huh?
  12. erickster

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    After messing around with it more tonight, I am just stumped. I checked under my air filter and the pin is moving fine. Nothing seems to be wrong. When I first try to turn over the engine, where should I have my carb. lever set at? I usually put it at half and try that. I tried it at full, and that didn't help.

    Also, the idle screw-- where should that be set up? Does that even matter when trying to turn over an engine? Which way is higher idle, and which way is less? I'm guessing turning it to the right is less, and to the left is more RPMs-- that would be my "educated guess". :)
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    yes, i have it like your diagram. I noticed you said "spin barrel so it cant pop out". That was the issue I WAS having. Now that ive fixed that issue, my motor wont turn over. Not saying that fixing my cable end barrel is the issue, but something is up that i cant figure out. I thought maybe i flooded it, but its been 2 days and i cant get it to turn over. Maybe i need to try harder.
    Maybe go down a longer hill? dunno.
  15. Worst case scenario,22 bucks gets you a replacement carb from thatsdax so you can get it all new and start over.
    I'm starting to think something went down that pin hole.
    Everything else cool? Spark? Fuel flow?
  16. erickster

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    do u have a diagram of how the cable hooks up to the throttle--- maybe i did something wrong there?
  17. erickster

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    im not sure how to test the spark or fuel flow. Nothing "looks" out of the ordinary. Im starting to think something went down the pin hole too, but I'm not missing anything, and I didn't stick anything weird in there or anything like that. Maybe a tiny piece of my cable end barrel broke off and went down in there. I'd have to be a SMALL piece because the end barrel LOOKS the same... but I dunno-- maybe? Is there a way to try to get it out of that was the case?
  18. That pic graucho posted is really good. Look at the closeup with the washer and that clip.
    You might get lucky with some carb cleaner shoot some from the bottom of the pin hole up.
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  19. erickster

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    screw this-- I'm going to take pics of how I did it so you can see.. I still think I did it right, but I can't tell because your one pic is a little blurry... let me see if I can take a better pic of how mine is setup and you tell me if it's right.
  20. erickster

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    Alright, this is my setup. This is with the throttle not being pulled.

    100_4992.jpg - 0.38MB
    100_4990.jpg - 0.38MB

    (you can click on the picture to make it bigger)

    The spring is sitting in the cylinder, and pushing against the big washer, and then the small washer like the diagram shown in your attachement.

    One thing that bothers me, is in your photos, the spring is straight, and mine, the spring is tight, and pulling the tunnel cylinder off to the side almost like my cable is too short. But even if that was the case, wouldn't that mean my engine would be idling high because my pin us being pulled up? Therefore, I shouldn't have a problem turning it on. Now, if I undo my throttle, my spring sits like it does in your photo.
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