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    Mounting UPDATE

    Well, It turns out that the right threaded rod was a low grade steel and lasted a mere 19 miles. The right bolt broke off at the inner tube bracket. The nuts tightened to the casting prevented the left bolt from breaking off flush or inside the casting saving the hassle of bolt extraction. I was able to take out both bolts from the engine quite easily. I then went to the place that is and picked up some automotive mounting studs in 1/4" - 20 (1/2") 1/4" - 28 (2") for a total length of 2.5". I adjusted the angle of the mounting (pics attached) and tightened everything down. The top part of the casting is .5" from the frame and the bottom is 11/16 from the frame so it still isn't completely parallel to the frame. So far i've ridden 23 miles without any snafus. I did however have to readjust my carb (needle setting, idle screw) and chain tensioner (raised wheel, shimmed). I also included a pic of the angle we're dealing with. Any advise would be welcome. (FYI - I don't have a garage, car, shed, yard, carport, welder, or vise. (except riding <img src=""><img/>)

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    Shouldn't requests for advice be posted in the advise forums? Isn't this thread is for contributing, not requesting advise? Just asking.
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    Mounting ANGLE UPDATE

    Based on the photos the difference in angles is 16° (75-59=16). I managed to bring that gap down to 9.6° (see attached pic). Currently I've ridden 28 miles on this set-up. Let's HOPE there aren't any more breaks. My tip to all my little motor maniacs out there is check your angles before you build.

    "If it ain't broke, that's because you just fixed it." :grin5:

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    angles? get the rear spot on and let the front do its thing... numerous engines and uncountable KM later, still no issue in that regards...


    really i wish you guys could toe the line and stick with M6 or M8... :jester:

    because of this non standadisation, i need two sets of spanners. grrr! and dont get me started on whitworth...omg...
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    Yes the USA that holds a mere 5% of the worlds population, advertises it's mathematical and engineering skills, by exporting standards from 1688, into the economies of 2013....

    While some thread forms are a GOOD thread form for the task, metric really is the only way to go.

    95% of the worlds population get KM to the Liter, the Americans get Leagues to the Hogs Head.
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    Welcome to the forum PooPoo, but did you realize this is a 5 year old thread topic that has nothing to do with metric that was outdated well over a year ago from it's the last post before yours?

    Do yourself and read the 'welcome to the site' or whatever it is called and read the sticky newbie information about how to use this place as by posting in this long dead outdated topic you just brought to 'recent topic' status and has nothing to with the topic itself.

    Thanks and enjoy this site as it is filled a plethora of great info spanning years so pay attention to dates and as always, the actual topic subject title to enjoy it more ;-}
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    However much you protest - the lack of total metrification is STILL an issue, especially and perhaps ONLY where Americans are concerned.

    What I posted has every thing to do the topic - as every one in the world is quoting fuel consumption in Kilometers per Liter, and the Americans - the minority, the mere 5% of the worlds population, and the only country that uses (their own version of) imperial measuremments (from 1688), while they work on METRIC engines, with metric dimensions, and metric threads and metric fasteners, and metric wire sizes, and metric plug gaps, and metric ball and needle roller bearings, and metric pistons and metric displacement volumes - in the year 2013.

    I have taken it upon myself to educate those trapped in the delusion that they and their ways, are in fact, the centre of the universe, when they are not.

    95 out of every 100 people use only metric - and it's the Americans that use their own version of imperial - it's not even British Imperial - the gallons are skewed to the smaller amount. You would be surprised to find out that the American gallon, is not the same as the Britsh gallon, and many people in the metric world - we the 95% of the worlds population, have little to no idea what a gallon is, and that the American gallon is in fact a different gallon, to the "REAL" British gallon. 4.55 liters to 3.78 liters as I recall.

    Not one person outside of the USA uses miles either......

    So the propensity, dear American, for getting things thoroughly mixed up can be cited with numerous examples i.e. The Mars Orbiter that missed the planet - because the idiots at Lockheed Martin used imperial in pounds of thrust, while NASA uses exclusively metric - in newtons of force.... and so that went smack into the planet or off into deep space...

    Then there is the Gimley Glider, where the person using the wrong charts and the wrong calculations, mixed up liters and kilograms of fuel with pounds and gallons (who's gallons??) of fuel and found themselves between air ports with no fuel....

    And you telling me and indeed the whole world, that the subject of quoting fuel consumption in liters per kilometer - which 95% of the people coming to this site use, is in fact irrelevant, when it's only 5% of the people coming to this site use the screwed up Miles per TINY -- US gallon.

    Well not only do I not think so, I know so.

    Your reliance upon dubious assertions to qualify the validity of your remarks, is intangible at best and incredulous at worst.

    Show some maturity and ask all posters to use metric measurements in their fuel consumption figures... this way, 95 out off 100 readers will know what they mean. Some of them might even stop screwing imperial threads into metric threaded casings....

    The star date is 2013 - not 1688, and while you might light your home using whale oil candles, the rest of the world uses electricity - measured in metric amounts too.

    Although your input says little of value or worth, I'd like to take the time to personally thank you for having made the effort.
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    New and arrogant, heck of a start.

    I have no clue what measurements you use for multiple things in the 'cardboard box' you show as where you live but in case you hadn't noticed this an American web site and my comment had nothing to with your point but the simple fact you didn't just start a new a topic to rant about what we backwards Americans should be doing and opened up an ancient unrelated topic to do it in.

    I love metric, all these motor kits use metric sizes, our soda and such is sold in liters, etc, then there is not using Celsius and many other measurements us backward people use including our fuel is sold in gallons, distance in miles, and temps in Fahrenheit, but the vast majority of THIS web sites users live in America and know those numbering systems.

    The difference between you and I is I just put a simple little one file conversion tool on my desktop that lets me convert most any measure to another and don't rag about the measuring system the person used.

    I have had this little one little convert.exe desktop utility hosted up here for 7 years and use it all the time.
    I suggest you grab it if you run a PC or find something like it when when dealing with any measuring system conversions and you will find that the more you do the conversions yourself the better you understand a different system thus increasing your overall knowledge so you don't have to live in a 'cardboard box somewhere'.

    Just a tip newbie but hey, feel free to rant on in this long dead unrelated topic, I am sure it will make may you even popular here ;-}
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    Well according to you, this topic is out of date, it's resurreccting an old thread and because the issue if metrification, is worthless, no one in the USA uses it, and just because you have calculator, doesn't mean that anyone else has to use it.

    So keep your un-American activities to yourself.

    Beside that - your metric converter is 7 years old, as you have said, so therefore, it's out of date and no longer relevant.

    Popular - what with people like you?

    That would be such a bonus.

    Does it come in cubits or furlongs?

    And will I have to go to a speccial education classes to fit in with your sort, or suppliment it with up to date information from the museum of antiquities - specialising in American people with American problems.
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    im awstrayan mate!

    dont care what a gallon is, all i know is that theres lots of em in different sizes!

    if anyone posts the actual basic um...standards of the metric system, youll see they make as much sense as something like a "gill, hogshead or peck" the distance light travels in a vacuum in "0.768943523986453yrkjhewfkiuyerjkiu;awdse;vrpvn[0e v]vrf" of a second?

    a kilogram is some other obscure type of equation.

    or maybe its based on the 1/37494643097340927489026487098 of a second, the vibration frequency of a ceasium atom.

    basically there are no numbers cus other than 0 or nothing, everything else is just a reference to something else. and even 0 is suspect because look at farenheit and celcius! and we are all just one consciusness thats a unity of itself so objectively theres no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and were all an imagination of ourselves.... :jester:

    the metric has issues with the base ten. what makes it so simple can sometimes make it really hard to work with in certain circumstances.

    whereas you know 12 inches to a foot, 16s in an inch, etc. hard maths but easy...

    but i digress. im australian, a metric country, yet i have no problem converting miles to km, inches to MM, pounds to the KG... i do get a bit stroppy over fluid measures. a floz? a whaaaaa?


    stuff ya gallons where the sun dont shine :) imperial or american!

    but stop griping aboutr one unit versus another and learn to use your brain a bit. its not HARD!
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    If you had of paid more attention instead of having an opinion about other peoples opinins - the "Aww me too" syndrome, smyptomatic of clubby and clueless people., what I had started off with AND elucidated elsewhere in a thread I had started on the subject is that the best thing about metric is that EVERYONE is working from the same system, the same values and the same standards....

    And it's really time these Merkins came up to speed with the rest of the people on the rest of the planet - instead of doing their own idiotic ********.

    When buying wire from Merika, they have 4 or 5 standards of wire gauge, and wire measurements - talking hair like guitar pick up wires... for the ONE diameter of wire size.

    Metric - it only comes in diameter.

    Most of the ******** vaiables and types of mile and gallon have gone by the wayside, but the retards on the planet (Merkens) still use liquid gallons and it's their size gallon... which is different to THEIR dry gallon.

    And both are different to the UK liquid gallon......

    There are Meriken companies that sell globally, yet they are too stupid to put anything in metric....

    And they use DIFFERENT ounces, for different products - dry ounces, fluid ounces, Adoupolis ounces, and a few others that escape me....

    I am tired of having to deal with retarded Merikens with their ******** measuring systems.

    "In Alley Bamee we use the Southern Tin and Gold Miners Association gallon"...

    Yeah **** - right.
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    Yeah, and, so, what?
    Let's start again, Hi, I'm grinningremlin, I have a sun ez-sport recumbent and a bridgestone mb-5 both run by a GEBE system, what kind of bike do you have?

    Yeah, and, so, what?
    May I be the first to fall to my knees and thank you, thank you so much for the time you spent trying to help us poor ignorant waifs, but alas, we are beyond help you see, and better left to the wolves.Thank you again for the selflessness of your truly altruistic crusade.

    Yeah, and, so, what?

    So you go to a MAB site to start your crusade???For such a verbose moron, you sure do come off like a moron.
    So everybody should do as the majority, and swap a whole system on your decree?I suggest you prepare for a long life of disappointment.
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    Gremlin - your boring.
  14. grinningremlin

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    Depends on your view.If you're a 33 year old know it all, who enjoys chiding people for things he doesn't understand, and finds doing math on a public forum exciting/riveting, then yes I'm boring.
    What I also am is a better speller than you, it's "you-your-you're" as in "your world view is a waste of time" and "you're" as in "you're a sad little man".
    You are a dink, and your life must s.u.c.k. a.s.s. Enjoy your long life of disappointment.
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    hehehe (I am busting a gut here)!
    Ya, we have to change our tape measures and measuring cups and gas pumps and thousands of other things every year to accommodate the way we randomly change measurements but call them the same thing, it's good for the economy ;-}

    Really though, for those of you that want to convert most any form of any measurement known to mankind this little 500K .exe can do it with ease.


    It does measurement conversions in units you have never even heard of for things you don't even know and then some, very cool and when I first installed it I spent a lot of time just looking at all the measuring scales for any given type of measurement ;-}
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    once had a very odd failure, chain guard failed to guard the chain from a squirrel, got pulled into the small sprocket and busted the block,,,,, dead serous, a squirrel killed my bike
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    I realize this thread is really old but To OP or someone making a new list, You need to add something very important to this list that I don't see on it as I used this as a guide when I installed my 1st motor and had a catastrophic motor crankshaft failure cause of it.
    "Check Magneto to coil clearance."
    My 1st motor ran "OK" So I thought, for 3 weeks till it just died out of nowhere. Turns out the magneto flew apart and broke the crankshaft and I found evidence of it hitting the coil, looked like for awhile.
    It also did not run anything like the new one I have now, that 1st motor would cut out when trying to run it at higher rpm's.
    I just didn't know how it was suppose to run as it was my 1st bike motor and I figured since I am such a big heavy rider I thought the sluggish power was "normal" for break in period.
    If only I would have pulled that mag cover before the failure it would have saved me a lot of time and the expense of a new motor. All the signs were there, I should have checked it!
    What confirmed all this is when I got the new motor last week (from the same place as the 1st motor) the 1st thing I did was pull the Mag cover and I noticed It was hitting the coil on 1 side! I adjusted it and installed it and night and day difference in power! the 2nd motor easily has twice the power on the 1st tank of fuel then the 1st had on its 3rd tank right before the crankshaft snapped!
    So check that mag to coil clearance on these, the chinese don't seem to understand theres suppose to be a gap on both sides!
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    great thread
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    Awesome thread with lot's of great input! But if it's not too much trouble, I feel like the big explosive exchange of 'you're stupid' and 'yeah well you're ugly' starting about halfway down page 9 should be cut out just to preserve the sanctity of such a wonderful build advice thread.
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    I get 620 fathoms per fluid ounce