Tips I've learned from many builds-great newbie read.

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    I don't think that I have seen much about replacing the HT cylinder studs with a better grade. Is this a must do also? Mine measure 4.5" ,8mm. Whats your take on this? Also < Received my engine this week, removed the head, and cylinder, to check for debris in the case, and found the there were two gaskets , Remove one for spare,or install both?

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    sometimes an extra gasket is needed to prevent piston from hitting head - other times it just lowers compression a bit for engine longevity
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    My cylinder head studs were loose I just double nutted each stud and tightened them, after reading post I know I should pull the head and cylinder and loctite the studs.can I get away with just lifting the cylinder and loctite the studs, I don't want to to go thru the hassle of compressing the rings and replacing basegasket?
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    Compressing the rings is no big deal,IF, you line up where the rings seperate with the little prutution on the piston. Just spin the ring around until you see the "knob" , in the ring indention on the piston, at that time the ring compresses easily.
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    can you do it by hand or do you need a ring compressor
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    Well I'd say these $100.00 dollar engines are nearly indestructible for the price they can be reinforced but overall the idea is running them with the least load on the bearings and drag on the sprocket. I'm not sure how long the cast aluminum will hold up on the bike I'm assembling but the setup allows lower RPM range if I ever get it completed I've got a lot of changes on this assembly I would have avoided but the 1/8''x 1/2'' chains on the jack shafted Nexus 3 speed should get a few extra miles if I don't run it full throttle all day which I'll likely not just scooting around for a few minuets.
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    You have any fotos, my commuter bike is a specialized frame it's setup like a 3 speed with free wheeling rear hub but it's a single speed. You can't beat the price for getting around, no license, reg,ins. The motor is pretty good
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    Ya I thought I had covered about everything when building my bike.Now you have me making a list of things I need to do.
    Thank you my friend for taking the time to post this.If it keeps me from breaking down, I,m all for that (WINK).

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    a lot of what you say has merit but then again lot of what you say is it Loctite happy overcautious freakis good to use Loctite but not on coverage that you may have to open at some point. Other than that your speech which was way too long as people thinking about doing things that don't need to be done
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    Come on gator joe he takes the time to help newbies & you jump him, shame on you.

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    one thing thats left out was that all the fuel measurements your crying about start at/with usa american dollars a barrel not liters or imperial measurements but gallons per barrel based on the all mighty american dollar. so poo poo pee do on your fella and get a life