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SchwinnAlloySeven_GT5 said:
From my experience, an engine that "whistles" or "chirps" is doing so because of a compression leak due to loose head nuts, unsealed head nuts, damaged head or damaged head gasket. You may have an intake or exhaust leak, too.

My first engine arrived with a damaged head and it whistled and chirped after 100 miles. After replacing the head and using automotive drain plug gaskets on the head nuts, it quieted down - until I fragged the crank bearings :LOL:

Occasionally, my Grubee GT5 will let out a chirp, but it's random, and I haven't used the drain plug gaskets on it's head yet.
someone said:
Pull the head and look for the color of metal flakes stuck in the oil film. Bronze flake is bushing, Gray flake is engine casing silver glittery flake is bearing or race. Pull the barrel and check for rod play. Push your crank back and forth or press your finger into the seal and tap it with as hammer... if it budges your engine is on its last legs.