Tips to organize YOUR OWN MBc ride

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    It's what we all share in the experience of riding with other MBc members 8) . Looking through posts, I see many people that want to get a ride going, but seemingly waiting for somebody to take charge. They may even go so far as to say," Who's up for it?" and then, sadly, the post slides down the page :( .
    YOU take charge! If you're serious, it'll happen.
    Have a plan. Know where you want to go, and when. My last ride with others was 40 miles, and it was buzzing around town. A good ride doesn't have to be cross-country, or put Fantastic Voyage to shame :p .
    The place to start is in this forum lobby. Post your wish, with just a few basic details, such as where and when.
    In addition, for those members that don't visit this fine forum regularly and miss your post, search the 'Memberlist' in the upper-left hand of the Home page. Scroll down the Memberlist page, and copy/paste a simple invitation through Private Message to those in your area. That way, if they don't see your post, the PM will alert them of your invite via email. Then you can work out all the details amongst yourselves.
    Happy Motoring! 8) 8)

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    Well said! 8)
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    right on spunout...

    we had the BBQ last weekend, did not get to ride yet, but at least got together with people I had not really met before, and through common interests shared some really cool times. waveygravey and wife smokey, augie, blonde babe, beach crusin and me quay...someday all of us will be riding and as others see us it will catch on like little thailand here!

    I do worry down the line how the fuzz will be towards us? :???:

    But until then....happy motoring! :razz:
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    Thanks for the advice Spunout. I'm gonna post an event here in Tucson soon. I'm thinking, due to the heat, an early morning or evening ride around Downtown to 4th Ave. to Himmel Park and back. A short ride of less than 20 miles?
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    get it planned and posted. even just a handful of riders is a good time.
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    2 riders is an least it feels like that to the riders...20 miles is a good range, it works for us, but we enjoy milder weather. plan your stops carefully ahead of time, we are lucky, again, to have deanna always willing to hostess a gaggle of mb'ers :)
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    helpful post.ty
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    I guess I should post the 8000 mile ride on this thread then..

    Hopefully I will get some corporate sponsorship and also some from small manufacturers such as GEBE and Staton.

    I am hopeful that I will get support from these suppliers - specially since the Staton concern make trike framed machines.

    for more information contact me on

    This is a ride for the 'make a wish' foundation charity and others. Please, if you can afford it give generously - and ask your friends and collegues :)

    Jemma xx
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    Penticton B.C. ride

    Me and my friends in the Penticton area are toying with setting up a weekend in May 2010 for a three part ride
    a. Okanagan Falls to the big tunnel above Naramata B.C. on the Kettle Valley abandoned railroad (see pictures)
    b. A race from Okanagan falls to Penticton 15 miles
    c. a race south to Vaseaux lake on the KVR line into mountain trails
    These routes are great because of the lack of car traffic-virtually none they cant get thru fantastic scenery a super dry climate.

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    It helps if you are basically familiar with the area you are planning the ride in. Sometimes you can recycle the routes used for road bicycle racing (generally 20-100 mile courses). The bicycle organizers look for rides away from city traffic, on smooth roads, and generally follow a loop not too far from "civilization".

    Also, I highly recommend Google Maps. You should establish your route, save and print it, then RIDE IT or at least drive it in a car to make sure it is suitable for 20-30mph vehicles. Then you will also be able to incorporate things like places to eat or activities, gasoline stations for fuel so no one runs out and no one has to carry heavy cans/bottles.
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    This is a great tip. Thanks :)