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  1. bruce1

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    I am 48 years old and I am just now learing to use a
    computer, so I dont know to post or understand what it is.
    Ilearned obout motorized bicycles from surfing the internet.
    I hisave put togeather aBeach Cruiser with an 80cc
    engine,it is alot of fun and Iam interested in doing more.
    I have 5 more bikes in my garage ,and would like to
    motorize a few more. What is a tag?bruce

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Bruce,

    Welcome aboard. I can't help much on the mechanics of message boards; I'm from the same generation as you and I don't know what a "tag" or a "sticky", for instance is.

    But you've successfully completed a post, so you've got that down. Look around and you'll pick up everything of real importance quickly. You can work on the rest later.

    Read threads simply for the fun of it and you'll pick up a lot of info that you'll be able to use later on. When you have a question, search for it first. Naming the part that you are having trouble with is a good strategy. For instance, search "spark plug" or "clutch" and you're likely to find the answer that you're looking for.

    And have fun with your bike. (but that's practically guaranteed)
  3. hey bruce ...
    (and bgw) ... a tag is what pulls up the posts that have to do with what your searching ... ie. if you posted about what are the best sparkplugs youve found and why ... you would want to tag words like spark plug, better fuel efficiency, more horse power ... or anything that someone might type in thats related to your post ... thats all.
    btw ... im not too tech savvy either ... i just happen to know what that is.
  4. BeachBum

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    Welcome to the forums.

    When it says to read the "Stickies" it means the thread at the very top of the section you are in. They are easily identified because they will look like the one at the top of this section:

    Sticky: READ THIS FIRST. New to MotoredBikes.com?

    Then on the right of it there will be a little picture of a thumbtack to "stick" it in place. Sticky basically means no matter how long it sits there it will never move down the forum, it sticks to the top. Usually reserved for important information. (Most posts drop down the forum if no one replies to it, stickies always stick to the top)

    Generally if it is a sticky it is worth reading :grin: