Tire Chain Rub Fix

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    I've been dinking around this project for a long time, and had a real ugly problem with chain rubbing on the fat whitewall tire. Finally got it fixed, and thought I would share that. This project is on old Schwinn Phantom, I had put a wider rim on the rear, big mistake. So I went back to the stock size, but that wasn't enough. The rear tire size is 2.125 x 26. Next I installed a pirate maniac sprocket adapter, but even with that maxed out, it wasn't enough. So the last thing was the jam nut on the coaster brake. I machined it down to half its original thickness, which move the tire further away from the drive chain, and that did the trick. Simple fix but I'm getting old.:grin5: Oh, almost forgot I dish the wheel by tightening the spokes just on the side opposite of the chain drive to pull the tire away a little more. Oh getting old is no fun
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