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    I've been looking through past threads for THE BEST "no-flats" bike tire. Found lots of good info but couldn't find any real consensus. I'm hoping a lot of the experienced riders out there might mention their ...

    1) Favorite Tire
    2) Favorite Tube
    3) Tire Tips, Tricks & Stories

    Getting all this info in one spot could really help keep a lot of us from walking home.

  2. sparky

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    1) Favorite Tire
    Shadow Conspiracy Undertaker Folding Tire 20"x1.95"
    They should definitely make this tire for larger tires, but they don't. Bummer.

    2) Favorite Tube
    Any puncture/thorn-resistant or heavy-duty tube.

    3) Tire Tips, Tricks & Stories
    Use liners on both sides of the tubes. I had 3 sharp metal objects in my rear tire before the tube blew from a very large nail. Still no flat in the front, and I only have the stock tube that came with the bike. Also, don't use slime [tubes] or fix-a-flat. This might be worth looking into, but I don't see it as being too economical since the liners are working well enough with regular tubes.
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    i just started a thread the other day about putting a 26x2.00 tire inside a 26x2.25 tire with a tube.thats the way to go in my opinion.
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    What has worked well for me is the solid polyurethane airless No-More-Flats inner tubes with regular 26 x 1.95 tires for the best fit. Only drawbacks are the increased weight, and more resistance when pedaling, but with an engine and high speeds, that doesn't matter much, and I love that I never worry about tire pressure anymore.

    For lighter weight, eastwoodo4's double tire IMO would be the way to go if not going airless.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Well, I'm gonna be the black sheep on this one.

    But I'd advise that you buy whatever tire you can find cheap, quick and easy.

    Carry a few spare tubes and a $20.00, 12 volt inflator.

    I've gotten along just fine using this method for many years. I usually carry tube patch kits as well, but I rarely bother to use them. I just slap in a new tube and go.
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    I just bought 2 new tire tubes for a build I just finished and was very impressed by them. These tire tubes were 5 times thicker than regular tubes and had slime. They were very heavy so not something for the weight conscious but I suspect they will lastl a long time. They were available at Walmart.
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    Before I started using $10 puncture proofs and tire liners, I tried this trick, and doubled up duct tape....I was unfortunately surprised how much abrasion takes place in that tire, especially at the 30 mile speeds we hit. A standard $2 tube doesn't stand a chance.

    $6 slimes are okay for the front/easier removal on the road, but not worth it on the back. For slimes to really work, I think you have to spin the wheel for 15 minutes to spread out the goooo. Wal-Mart has a slime/punctureproof combo for $10, my Pyramid bike shop brand is minus the slime.

    I'm now rolling 4-5 layers of electric tape over the rubber gasket atop the spoke ends, plus the puncture proofs and tire liners.

    My bike shop has found a new supplier for tires, but hasn't gotten up an order yet, he says they run about $25. Claims the rubber width in the center of the tire is nearly double, if nothing else, I'll use them on all my rears wheels.

    A customer came across a fire sale at K-Mart, where the 2.2.5 Kendras, normally $12, were marked at $2, and he grabbed up about 15 of them, which we split up between us.
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    2 Tires in 1

    Hi eastwoodo4,
    I saw your thread on the 2-tires-in-1 ... sounds like a great idea! Here's the link to your thread for those interested:

    Keep up the smart thinkin! :idea:
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    Tire Sealer


    Thanks for the tips ... and for this link to your previous thread:

    Very interesting stuff. :detective:
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    More Info

    More good stuff ... thanks Dave.
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    Schwalbe Marathon

    I run a Stanton Honda 35 friction drive on my 1981 Schwinn Cruiser 5 that I've put 1500 miles on in the first year I've had it. At first I had problems with the puncture resistant/thorn proof tubes failing at the seams, apparently from being flexed backwards by the friction drive. I tried using old tubes and then old tires as additional liners but they didn't solve the problem.
    I bought the tire below and haven't had a problem (at least 700 miles) since. These are much thicker than standard bicycle tires and I think they must not flex the tubes inward each time the wheel goes around. (maybe I don't know the real reason why the work, but they do.)

    So I run the Schwalbe Marathon, Tuffie tire liners and Bell puncture resistant/thorn proof tubes. The combo works great on my bike.

    p.s. I love the no problems Stanton-Honda drive.
  13. ZnsaneRyder

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    That is one heck of an air tire for sure!!!
  14. eastwoodo4

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    i havent tried the airless tires cause i dont think they would have the psi i like.and the extra thick tubes with slime wont fill a whole at the psi i like.if u try my idea i hope it works as well for u as it has for me.
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