Tires Tire Wear [sidewall failure]

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by srdavo, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. srdavo

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    The last 3 bicycle tires I have replaced, all died the same death.

    The side walls wore out. I had miles of tread remaining. No dry rot or cracking.

    the tires were

    * Kenda k-rad 24 X 2.30 (30-80 psi)
    * Kenda Kwest 20 X 1.5 (100 psi)
    * Maxxis Holy Roller 20 X 1.95 (60 psi)

    the fabric on the sidewalls of these tires is thin & very pliable.

    I am running a pair of Bell, 'flat blocker' tires (26 X 1.175, 40-60 psi) on one of my bikes....the sidewalls on these are so stiff, I have to use soapy water for lube & use tire levers to put on & take off of rims!

    with these Bell tires, I had a flat one evening, pulling a trailer full of groceries.... no tools...almost lights...had to get home. I motored home, 2miles, slowly.....with no damage to the tire, or rim. (the slime tube was ripped beyond repair, being the cause of the flat in the 1st place) The sidewalls are tiff enough to hold me up, while flat.

    I'd think the Kenda & maxxis tires would hold up better??

    any thoughts?

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    For years I've been a bit disappointed over side walls wearing out before tread. But it's always been because of cracking. Even when I made sure to use Armor-All regularly it only helped a bit.

    But what you are describing seems to be something new.

    Can it be that cheap tires have gotten even crummier? That'd be a drag.
  3. nickk

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    tyre wear

    hi all
    stay clear of a tyre called vee rubber in a 1.75/26 inch
    250 km and its bald ,to soft for motorized bike (chain driven not mount drive)
    feather away to nothing.
    my kenda's 1.95/26 have done 3000km and are half worn no cracks in side walls and are 6 yrs old will be buying for other bike soon
  4. srdavo

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    the kendas & the maxxis were $20 tires.

    the Bell tires are from walmart.... & they are the cheap/tough ones!?!?! go figure?

    nickk, I have always used & loved kendas. but these sidewalls ripped out with no warning.
    the maxxis, I changed out yesterday, (had a pinch flat) I just noticed while inspecting the tire, that i could see thru the sidewall in 4 different spots.
  5. bikebum1975

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    Never used them but the Kevlar based tires are supposed to be really good from what I have read especially for high speed and abuse type riding like moutain bikes. The only down side to them is they are not cheap almost twice the price of conventional tires. But as said they are almost indestructable. Any of the big name tire companies carry them but you won't find them at Walmart
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    sparky that does look like a well built tire from the picture.

    Looking at your signature your not at all chunky. Also looking at your avatar, are they always
    whitewalls? Its baffling to me. Ive never wore out a sidewall. (im not saying it not happening)

    I had trouble twice but that was due to the chain slapping the tire ever so slightly causing premature wear.

    I wonder if you should start a poll. And within the poll everyone must state what tires they are running.
    If multiple people never have a problem with a certain brand... Thats your new tire.

    Then, if your the only lonely soul that wears them out quit rubbing up against the curbs so much. :grin5:
  8. srdavo

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    great link.... nice parts, too!!!

    My avatar bike has the only whitewalls I use. No problems with them...yet.
    No rubbing chains.
    haha no rubbing curbs, either....
    the Failed 20 incher was on my recumbent, friction drive. 400+ miles....very little tread-wear.

    A couple local 'hardcore' riders swear by these:
    Rim to rim tread-protected sidewalls

    and...darn it.... walmart has 20inch, 'Bell' kevlar reinforced, freestyle street tires for 15 bucks. (nice thick sidewalls) I'll probably have to try one of these.
    (like this tire, but my local store has the street tread.)

    thanks for all the response....keep the ideas :idea: coming!!
  9. happycheapskate

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    I think the reason why the expensive tires are giving you fits is because the bicycle world puts a premium on light weight components.

    The motor gives you a lot of options and lets you worry a lot less about wheel/tire weight. The Walmart tires are kind of narrow (1.5-1.95) but claim to have a thick tread and kevlar belt in the tread, plus they have pliable cable beads instead of wire beads. A folding bead, Kevlar tread heavy duty tire for $15? I think I will try them after I wear out/give away some other tires.

    I like variety so I have usually given away tires before they were worn out. I have seen KEnda and WTB to be very tough tires though for mountain bikes, and continental are the longest wearing road bike tires. (too small for MB's in my opinion, the high speed and weight needs more cushion, but Conti does make MTB semi-treads)
  10. happycheapskate

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    I work for a tire store, and I was looking in the Dead Tire bin for something. I saw a Specialized Armadillo tire in there! haha. It was dried up, but the casing was intact and strong. The rubber tread was bald and was peeling from the casing in places. The casing had a feel like fiberglass. It was a 700c x28 or 32 tire.

    Where can you buy these?
  11. ocscully

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    Any bike shop that carries Specialized Bicycles or I'm sure you could find them from any # of online stores. As a last resort you can get them direct from Specialized thru their web site.

  12. happycheapskate

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  13. Happy Valley

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    I've had good luck with Kenda Kwest slicks, 1.95 x 26, but running them with the thick thorn proof tubes and at 60psi.
  14. happycheapskate

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    I was interested in the Specialized mostly for pedal bike use. I'm shopping for a friction drive and kind of afraid it might actually "chew up" a $40 tire.
    If I get one, I think I'll start with the $8-10 Cheng Shen classic gummy tires and see what works. I have been advised to take off pedalling and then give it gas, and not goose the throttle.

    But the flat protection of the Specialized looks promising.
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  15. Turtle Tedd

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    Happy...I bought a pair of Specialized Armidillo tires for my bike after many flats with the stock Shwin and another new set of tires..well worth the money..450 miles thru all kinds of stuff on the road and thru the crushed sometimes razor sharp crushed shells we have on the trails down here in Florida...One month after I crashed this MB and made the front wheel look like a flattened pretzel I finally went out to my garage to look at the bike and the tire was still on that rim and inflated and looked good...I would definitely use them on a friction drive..Tried to find them for my new tadpole trike but I don't think they make them in 20inch ..
  16. darwin

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    After 4 flats on my DE setup I decided to go to war on flats. Both wheels got stop flat tire liners and thorn resistant tubes and I havnt had a flat yet in 2 years. Funny added benefit of the rear beefed up wheel is that it helps the friction drive in performance by making the surface of the tire really stiff. Both of my rear tires are chensing(?) 26/2.125 semi slicks and theres hardly any noticeable wear on them yet after hundreds of miles. These tires are cheap around 10 bucks at niagra cycles.
  17. happycheapskate

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    A bit concerned...

    Wow, I was bummed to read that you had probs with the Kenda K-Rad's, I'm running the 26x2.30's front and rear with great results. Now I'm hoping the sidewalls don't fail as yours did...any thoughts? :confused:

    Cheers, scotto-
  19. Turtle Tedd

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    Just like in car tires..the good ones ain't cheep