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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by bmar10s, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Hello, new here. I have just bought my first bike in 30 years. I have purchased a motor kit to install on it. The bike is a Macargi Rover GT with 15" apes. My question is... Can I go to a slightly wider tire on my 26x2.125 wheels? I'd like to go with a set of knobby tires that are 26x2.2. Will I have any issues with this wider tire on my wheels? I want knobby tires on the bike because we have many gravel roads in the area and I feel the knobbys will work better for the roads I'll be driving. I look forward to your responses.

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    Hey bmar10s,
    I'm successfully using 26X3 street tires on 2.125 rims. I have found that the max tire pressure on the 3" is 40 PSI. I've blown 3 tubes using 45 PSI.
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    go for it :) only rim/tyre ive had an issue with was some super skinny rim, and a standard tyre... basically, i couldnt get the tyre on as the valve stem prevented the bead from even getting into the rim? i dont think thats going to be an issue for you ;)

    only tyres i think may cause problems for you are those really super fat and wide 4"+ types.

    you dont have to match the rim and tyre perfectly in the width, theres plenty of scope for experimenting... just be aware that if you go too wide with knobbies, that you may have interference with the frame, the chain, and things like brake levers...

    personally i try and find ones that stick "up" like a bart simpson hairdo, rather than lisa simpson types with spikes out on the side(well? its the best mental image i get thats almost universally recognised!)... for the clearance mentioned above.
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    Thanks Barry the info was most helpful. I'll put my order in with for those knobby tires.