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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by snakedoctor, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. snakedoctor

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    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good tire for friction drive. I recently was riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway and had a blowout. The tire I was using was a NIRVE 26X2.125, but was worn thru to the tube. What about tires with KEVLAR?:thinking:

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    The tire I keep seeing suggested for friction drive units is the Innova Swiftor. Compound seems a bit soft, but it sounds like a winner as far as allowing good contact with the roller.
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    Any number of discussions on FD tires in the search archive beginning with the "sticky" at the top of this page IE: Innova Swiftor, the Kenda Qwest, or the Bontragger Hank.

    Continental Town & Country also gets a good rep also from users though perhaps a bit pricey for some budgets.

    I use Kenda Kwest mainly because I bought a 25 pack bundle very inexpensively awhile back, like 8 bucks a tire. They hold the road extremely well and I swap them out as needed.

    That said, I can't recommend enough using the heavy thorn proof tubes. Many of my early problems with FD was pinch flats and the heavy tubes has all but eliminated that.
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    I can make a tire powered by friction drive last a VERY long time. Learn to take it easy & " feather the gas," as I like to say. No revving, very easy low rpm in the rain while pedalling, & always your start off by pedalling.
    That said, many tires are pretty good. Schwalbe makes good tires & I have had good luck with a " Geax Streetrunner " on a friction drive. Remember, you don't need to use mountain bike tires on these !!
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    I use anything I can find.
    Have picked up many curbside as trash.
    If the tread is too aggressive I take a rasp file to them while being powered.
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    I've thought about removing the roller and adding a sproket to the friction drive and another sproket to the wheel, but NOTHING is as versatile as a roller drive, I can take it off the bike and install it on another in a half hour.
    Mine is grinding the tire but it is the first tire yet with a bunch of miles on it.
    Maybe I'll get another roller and modify the one I have now just to see if it can do better on the tires..
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    You must be doing something wrong, if it is " grinding " the tire. Your operation or the tire/roller is defective. Read over my above post.
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    Running 20X1.95 tires with a 1.25 BMP roller, works very well. I start slow with pedals but sometimes I just let the sparks fly, I think I can do at least 30if not faster.
    Thinking the roller is slipping on the tire a little at wide open throtle.
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    Thanks for the info. I've seen that tire before and it looks good for friction drive. The trouble is, I'm having a hard time finding it in 2.125 width, in whitewall. Thanks again.
  13. Whizzerd

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    That's a great looking tire Estaban. Thanks for the link. Maybe it's just me but it seems like even the frame mount setups wear the back tire more than the front. I've got 250 miles on my first F/D using Bell Kevlar belted tires and HEAVY duty tubes. No appreciable xtra wear yet. Many advantages to F/D in my op. So nice to use a quality product like the BMP unit. Simple, easy and fun. After getting tired of all the tinkering w/ HT's, it's a joy to hook up a 4 stroke and just enjoy.
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    I can’t say about tire brands, but I can say this. My Schwinn hybrid bike came with what I would call semi-aggressive tread. I put about 150 miles on it and had a flat. Not due to my BMP friction drive system. I had already found and bought some smooth tread tires on sale at a local bike shop. My original tire had a lot of life left on it, but I decided to put the new smooth tread on it. With the original aggressive treads, I was riding down the street to my mom’s and she said she thought an ambulance was coming down the road. Aggressive treads on a friction drive will produce a high pitch whine. My new smooth treads make virtually no noise. A BIG difference in noise level between smooth and aggressive treads. The link that Esteban posted looks like a very good tread for a friction drive. I also agree 100% with him on the fact that if you’re getting excessive tire wear, you’re either running very very cheap tires or not getting the roller pressure on the tire adjusted properly. I’ve had no issues with tire wear at all. Heck, if I can get 500 miles on a set of tires, that’s cheap fun for me. Smooth tread pattern or slicks are the best on dry concrete or asphalt, but not worth a flip on wet surfaces or surfaces with any kind of loose stuff like sand, gravel or dirt. That stuff is an accident waiting to happen. Hope my $.02 worth helps. Good luck, be safe and have fun !!!