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    I am looking for a new set of tires for my GEBE setup and I want to know what is the fattest tire that anyone has run. I have 2.125's on right now and would like to run 2.3's. It measures out to only a 3/16th difference in width. That would mean that the tire would get about 3/32nds closer to the drive belt.

    I have measured and it would fit, but will be close. Has anyone tried this and had any luck? Thanks in advance.

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  3. Thatperson

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    I got my new tires today. 2.3" tires JUST fit with at GEBE setup. I love the look of these Fat Franks. I'll get better pics tomorrow, this pic was taken with my phone as it was getting dark.

  4. Tanaka40

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    Nice Honda and tires

    WOW those fat franks look totally retro on that bike. BTW nice pic with Honda Motor :cool2:
  5. Thatperson

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    It's not a Honda motor, it's a Robin/Subaru. I painted the cover to match the bike.

    Here is the other side. Like I said before, I'll be getting better pics tomorrow.

  6. Tanaka40

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    Oops !!

    I just think that all subaru-robins have a yellow cover. (i did not know that its painted to look like a Honda) Anyway, nice ride and I will remember those tires if I do a retro build.
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    sweet ride thats person, that townie frame sure looks pretty comfy....

    my wife and kids are heading off next week and leaving me by myself for a little while, so my first project will be to rebuild my bike minus all the junk, going to keep it clean and simple and enjoy the ride !!!!!!
  8. That is a beautiful bike. I paint the engine covers on my Robins also, the standard yellow color is flat ugly. My only question concerns not having a front brake. I feel all bikes should have two brakes and with a motorized bike a front brake is even more important. Try to imagine if your chain popped off or broke when you really really needed to stop to avoid an accident. If you think it would ruin the look to install a rim front brake, consider a drum brake in the front. It would look good and might keep you out of the hospital or morgue.
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    I had plans for a disc brake, but can't find forks that will fit this bike that have the brake tabs. I will be getting a front drum brake soon, just have to save up a few more bucks first. Being on unemployment isn't very fun.....
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    That's awesome! I have some brown fat franks I've been waiting to use on a motorised bike. When I decided on the Gebe system (arriving next week can't wait!) I didn't think they would fit.
    How do they go at motorised speeds? I usually ride with a slick on the back and a semi on the front in case I hit a patch of gravel. But the roads around where I ride are heaps better these days and I seldom encounter gravel - only 50m when I get to work.
    I too will paint my r/s cover :D maybe cammo, maybe black, not sure.
    Did you sand and use plasticote paint?
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    very nice!!!! Very nice indeed. I take it you are happy with the eho35 GEBE???

    I really like the way you mounted the counter brace. I think I will modify that tomorrow... way better than what I came up with.
  12. Thatperson

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    Thanks guys. The franks do fit, but make sure that everything is aligned perfectly. It is very close and you can rub the belt very easily if you don't pay attention. The tires run great at speed. I only go 20mph, but they are smooth and don't feel unstable at all in corners.

    I am very happy with the EHO35, it's a quite motor that just pulls and pulls. I will be mounting a second fuel tank like yours sometime next week after all my new stuff arrives. (front drum brake wheel, tank, cover, and new seat) As for the center strap, I had to drill a hole there to make it work. Made me a little nervous as I don't like modifying frames like that, but it turned out good and strong.
  13. I'm very happy to hear you will have a front brake soon.
  14. Thatperson

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    I liked the tires so much that I bought a set for my regular bike as well. I think it looks good too.

    Something I noticed on my red and white bike was that these tires are a lot wider than stock, but also taller too. Check out the second pic to see how close they come to hitting the cable on my front brake! :sweatdrop:

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    Loving the bike and the set up.