Tires!!! [SOLD]

4- Kenda Nevegals ...( 54 - 559 ) 26 x 2.10 plus two tubes.. These are as near to new as you can get all four plus two new tubes for 80 dollars. I also have a new set of Kenda Schwinns ( 50 - 559) 26 x 1.95 ......25 dollars for both. I don't know but we can most likely split the cost of shipping. E-mail

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Oct 9, 2006
Well I got to thinking about it and those Nevegal tires are a two compound tire with softer rubber on the sides and harder rubber in the center. They are brob. the best off road tires you can get or close to it . But they are for off road and will not last quite as long as a normal tire on the pavement. So realizing that most of you'all are riding on the street with your motorized bikes your gonna need an off road bike to use these tires on. So I got for sale a Schwinn Impact hydroformed Aluminum full suspension off road bike .When I got the bike both rims where bent so I replaced them with a set I had laying around and so it's a 21 speed now and not a 24 speed anymore. It does have on it now an awsome set of Bontrager Earls that I got from Augi and I tell ya I rode it in the snow yesterday and that thing grips tight. It didn't slide a bit .Man it runs like a tank. I think you could ride it up a tree.Anyhow I'll sell it for 200 dollars if anyone is interested and throw in one set of the Nevegals for an extra 10 bucks....210 and you ship. ... Its in West Virginia and I'll try and get some pic's up ASAP..... Tom