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    are these fine tires for my rear friction drive bike? will they work well, and have minimal vibration?

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    What tires are you asking about ? The smoother the tread the better they will work with friction drives. The more aggressive tread, the more they are apt to get chewed up. Also, the smoother the tread pattern, the quiter they will be. My original semi aggressive tread whined like an ambulance siren. I didn't know what my engine sounded like until I swapped it. Had a flat on the rear and replaced it with a smoother tread pattern and no whinning noise at all now. Tires are relative cheap, so I figure if I can get 500 miles out of one that's O.K. with me. I have well over 100 miles on my back tire and see no sign of significant wear. It's a cheap "Bell" brand from Walmart at that. Be more specific about the tire you question and post photos if possible. I guess you know friction drives are no good if the tire gets the least little bit wet. Of course all you have to do is ride several yards until the tire gets dry and then it'll start pulling just fine again.
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    I see you're a young "newbee". Is ths your first motor bike progect ? Don't hesitate to ask questions. There are a lot of nice people here that will help !
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    ok thanks. can someone send me some links of what the best possible tires for frction drive are? thanks
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    Gee ! There's way to many to list. What kind of bike are you using ? The smoother the tread pattern the better along with the wider the tire the more wear you'll get out of it, along with a smoother ride as well. I have 1.90" width tires. If my bike would allow, I'd have 2.5" on it. Just use common sense. You should be able to find suitable tires at your local bike shop. Heck, my rear tire is "Bell" brand from K-Mart. It's holdoing up fine !
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    A slick tire is best for road use. For ANY bike or drive.

    I run a Continental Town & Country on my friction drive - it runs smooth because of the smooth center portion. And, it's a tough tire - quite flat resistant. But, it's not as smooth when cornering. The smoothest tire I've run was an Innova Swiftor - a slick tire that gets great 'grab' and has low rolling friction. I got between 1 and 2 MPH faster with it than with a standard cruiser tire. But, with the soft rubber, it's not as flat resistant as the continental.

    The Serfas Drifter has also gotten good reviews (it's very similar to the Continental) as has the Maxxis Hookworm.

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