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  1. marshall johnson

    marshall johnson New Member

    What are the longest lasting tires you all know of? (rear tire)

  2. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I've had a pair of Michelin country juniors last me ages. I lost track of mileage in the 12000 mile range months ago
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  3. marshall johnson

    marshall johnson New Member

    I used the stock tires, lasted 200 miles bought some bell kevlar cruisers lasted 600 miles
  4. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    country juniors aren't too hard, but seem to have good wear properties and are very thick. they're designed for 24 inch kids mountain bikes so they're meant to take skidding without turning into stop signs
  5. marshall johnson

    marshall johnson New Member

    do they make a 26"
  6. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    We should of had this when I was a kid, I remember the countless times my stupid sister would bust tires by skidding and I'd have to take her home at walking speeds...
  7. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Check the touring bicycle web forums. Most RTW cyclists use 26", one Schwalbe or another.. and then some hate the brand.. but it's a far larger sample size than long distance motor-bicyclists on here.

    I can't help further as I haven't got my engine on yet. I bought my tyres but not sure what surface you're riding on: all road, or some mix of sandy corners, dead leaf strewn paths..
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  8. marshall johnson

    marshall johnson New Member

    Thank you for your in put.