Titan 1000

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    these look very attractive, this may be the rack mount to go with, 48 cc , low profile, & even comes with a new rim. i can see where it would be a quick install. does anyone have one, or know anything about these kits?


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    I have to say it does look good - I especially like the chopper bike they do - specially considering the price :)

    might be worth doing a search to see what you can find on the forum

    Jemma xx
  3. I wonder if they would sell just that rim with a single speed hub. A single freewheel all I would need to do is slide my jackshaft sprocket over to the other side on my Titan kit.
    Then I would get a freewheel.
    But is that large hub actually a freewheel shared with the pedal gears? Or is it fixed?
  4. crazeehorse

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    i don't know about the sprocket, but i bet you could fab it easy enough. i intend to find out more, i really like the price of the complete bike vs the Kit. looks to be the best deal, but i wonder about the shipping charge? my bikes are single speed, but i like the geared cruisers because of the bike chain tenisoner.
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  6. Thanks for the link stringer......
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