Titan 50 will not stay running

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Wheres my dog, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Wheres my dog

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    Hello All,

    I thought the problem was the carb, but I just got the new carb today from Duane free of charge as the engine is less then a year old.

    The problem is the engine will only run for a few seconds and then shut off.

    The only way to keep it running is to run it at about 80% choke and keep the throttle about a third of the way on. Even at this stage, it will eventually die.

    I am guessing at this point now that there is an air leak somewhere maybe????

    I did notice on the stock fuel tank, that the gasket on the cap is broken and pretty much useless at this point. Could this be it, or would it seem to be another area to check?

    I have checked all hoses and such for leaks, but to no avail...

    Please help me, I want my titan back!!!!!!

  2. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    did you check the fuel pickup line inside the tank ?
    does it have a filter on the end.
  3. vegaspaddy

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    hi wheres my dog,

    what you need to do is have your bike engine setup beside you and then give duane a call, from my few dealings with him and from what i have read about the guy i am sure he will stay on the phone with you until the problem is found or elimated and help you get that thing up and running,

    get on the blower !!!!
  4. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Followup to the problem....

    As promised, Duane sent me a brand new carb and also a new pull start as the other one was cracked and missing an arm on it.

    Got the new carb installed and checked the gasket as well and all looked good to me.

    After 6 or 7 pulls she started up and had the same problem still..... I tried 3 seperate spark plugs and triple checked everything else on that engine, but to no avail.

    Spoke with Duane yesterday, he asked to have me ship back that engine to him and he will send me out another engine, and apologized for the troubles.

    Duane, (AKA) That's DAX is a first class operation as far as I am concerned, and stands behind his product almost a full year after the sale with replacing it!

    Excellent customer service.....


    TREEWK Member

    I Recently had trouble with my titan, I bought 2 from Dax but did not call him. It turns out that my float needle was sticking and not letting fuel in. Had recently dumped some sea foam in it as it would not run after sitting thru the winter. After taking carb apart and cleaning the inside and needle & seat, I still had to open the carb drain and flush fuel thru the system by blowing in the fuel tank and creating pressure, about 3 times. also new fuel. No oil mix, the sea foam may have caused the gummy sticky deal. It has been running swell for a couple weeks now. The titans idle so slow, that they are barely audible. Ron
  6. tentacles

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    Did you check the plastic carb manifold/spacer? I know on the honda GX200 kart engines, these blocks have a tendency to crack if you torque the carb down just a bit too much, and you'll then experience a problem like the OP had. I'm kind of assuming this engine even has such a spacer, but most small engines do.
  7. Tanaka40

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    First I am going to ask the obvious question. Did you drain the gas tank and refill it with fresh fuel first? Second check the fuel filter to make sure its clean and clear. and lastly is the needle set at the proper level.

    Sounds funny, but we all sometimes miss the little points that cause the greatest fustrations.
  8. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Went to the simplest things first and changed and checked them...

    The carb being brand new, seemed to be set ok....

    The engine is quietly on it's way back to Colorado to visit Uncle Duane (just kidding, not my uncle) as we speak, and he will send out another engine to me.
  9. Tanaka40

    Tanaka40 Member

    Unfortunately, Carbs are not set at the factory (especially chinese stuff) they are just assembled and attached the engines or stuffed into boxes for shipment. I have yet to see a small engine carb set just right out of the box. I can wait to see if this little titan engine can really perform on a GEBE and how hard she can pull. BTW you do have extra belt for testing just in case trhe torque rips one to shreds. (LOL)
  10. TREEWK

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    Tanaka, I Have A Titan 50 Cc 4 Stroke On A Dual Suspension 26 In Bike. I Built A Diy Shifter (simular To "the Scooter Guy`s " He Sells Mount Kits). Have A Seven Cog Rear Cassette, But Can Only Use 5 As The Chains Rub Each Other In 6th Gear, 6th Would Be Ok Once In A While. I Weigh Well Over 300 And Never Have To Pedal, Not Even When Starting In The Grass. The Little Motor`s Torque Is Quite Amazing. Have A Titan With The Beveled Gears (the Tranny) That I Would Like To Put On My Schwinn Point Beach 7 Speed Cruiser With The New Sbp 4 Stroke Shift Kit. Ron

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  11. Wheres my dog

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    I all but gave up hope on this engine until the other day when I moved it off a shelf to get something else down... while it was sitting on the floor I decided what the heck and tried to start it... threw the choke on and she fired up on the second pull... let it idle about a minute or so and slammed the choke off AND IT IDLED PERFECTLY!

    Goosed it a few times and it reacted instantly! Attached it to the scooter I made for it and it ran perfect under load, even going uphill with me onboard weighing it at 207lbs.

    WTF???? Did it cure itself sitting on the shelf????
  12. seanhan

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    It just needed a vacation !!!