Titan 50cc 4 stroke

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by s_beaudry, May 22, 2009.

  1. s_beaudry

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    Anyone here own or have used the Titan 50cc 4 stroke engine from www.thatsdax.com ? How is it for being a quiet engine?

    Anyone happen to use it in a friction drive setup? How is it for torque and overall top speed?



  2. magna_503

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    I have the titan kit from thatsdax.com. Stock it is not that loud, but if you really want to reduce exhaust noise, the muffler from dax for $14.95 works great. It is a lot quieter with the exhaust. I don't know if i gain any power from the exhaust but for reducing noise, so the $14.95 for the exhaust is a great investment. I topped out at 27mph with the 41t sprocket, so if you want to go faster, 36t sprocket will do the trick. For me i cruise around 25mph or so on a 12miles trip and it has been great since.
  3. fetor56

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    If your asking about the engine only & NOT the entire setup it's great....with identical conditions as the 2-stroke it's more powerful & more torquey.I don't know if Duane is still doing this but the early model engines have Japanese & US bearings(engine casings have been split)
    Noise level even in it's standard form is easily within acceptable limits.
  4. s_beaudry

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    Wow... I had the pleasure of talking with Duane on the phone today and ordering the Titan 50 with him.

    He is a first class guy and answered all my questions and took his time talking to me about the engine and had it shipped out the SAME DAY!

    The level of customer service so far is incredible, I will definately buy from him again and again....
  5. fetor56

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    Does he still use Jap & US bearings in his engine?
  6. samijubal

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    I asked Duane about that today and he said he never did.
  7. fetor56

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    I've looked for hours on early Titan threads or anything to do with Titans & can't find it(if it ever existed)
    Better assume i'm mistaken,& sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. RusticoRay

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    My first kit purchase was a Titan 4 cycle from Duane at thatsdax.com. I sold the bike and rack mount kit recently and the whole purchase, riding, and experiance was A+. I've never owned a two stroke but the Titan behind you makes very little noise. If you use the chain drive make sure you use the 415 chain less stretching and adjust the tention as little as possible. Just get it taught and leave it. Enjoy your kit I sure did.

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  9. samijubal

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    No inconvenience here. I just asked him about that when I bought the kit after reading everything I could here first.
  10. strotter

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    I just checked dax web site and didn't see the exhaust for the titan. Or is it the same one for a HT? Anybody give me some advise?