Titan/Dax for sale with Bicycle (Cracked Block) NEVERMIND.....a happy ending

Hello -
I'm selling my Titan/Dax kit that, unfortunately for me, wound up with a cracked block. I did not run the engine in this condition. The bike tipped over and resulted in the break.

For now, this is a COMPLETE set, bicycle, mounting kit, etc. It includes a custom "Andyinchville" 30 tooth sprocket with hard anodized coating ($75). The engine/kit has been run far under 50 miles total. The bike also includes a Sun Rynolite rear disc wheel (~$60). The bike has new Tektro V-brakes. To transfer the mounting kit to another bicycle would require a new shaft as the original bolt to attach it was sheered off.

I would like to get at least $300 for the whole thing. (I'm hoping that's reasonable) A new engine is $175.

I have no way of delivering this bicycle as I don't have a pickup truck. I'm located in Monterey, California. The bike is registered in CA.

Note: The Seat and the Stem in picture are NOT included. I will provide an alternative.




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Man !!!

wow.. Sorry for your bad luck. Contact me. Lets see if we can change your bad luck. Also. See about getting a rear mounted kick stand so it can not be tipped over. Thanks...

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OUCH! I've been leaning my bike. I really need to get a good kick stand.


Just for everyone's edification...

Dax warned me to get a different kickstand. I did, but the 'greenfield' brand kickstand didn't fit due to clearance issues with the rear drive gear.

I had it parked, and locked. It was windy. It didn't move, (as far as I could tell), the whole time I was in REI. Then, I came out, unlocked, and was looking down. It fell and absolutely SLAMMED the ground. Instant sadness. Ugg! I was wondering that day when I was going to workout, well, wonder no more. I rode home the 8 miles on the bike path.

My head is on a bit straighter today, I'm not angry, just very disappointed. If I don't get an offers that are within a 'may as well sell' range, I may try to JB weld it. I mean, why not?!?

Thanks for the sympathies!



Send me....

Send me your engine and I will replace it. You will have to send me 75 dollars and pay all shipping cost.. But I will do it. What happened to you happened to me the other day with my V65 Saber with Honda line Faring. A very rare bike and setup in deed. Well..It walked itself off of the side stand and then fell over in my rock garden. The bike weighs around 550lbs, so need less to say it did a lot of Damage. This is a design flaw by Honda for sure. I picked the bike up and parked it and saved all the pieces for later. I did not ride the bike or even look at it for several weeks. I am over it now. I have the mirror back on, the fairing pieces I will epoxy back on as time goes by. I must say, I was hurt and put out for a long time. But.. That is life. Life Happens. My problem is, there are no parts for Honda line Fairing anywhere at any price. Period. There may be 2 V65 Sabres with Honda Line Fairing in any state. If those are even still around after all these 20 years. But..I know how you feel and I can help. I may not get any help, but I can help you if you need it. Let me know. Thanks.


As a fellow Titan owner, I feel your pain. I will make you a kickstand that attaches to your rear chainstay instead of the drop out and mail it to you free, should you decide to keep it.
That was the first problem I had after i put the motor on and got the same advice from Duane.


Jan 6, 2008
Both offers by Duane and Scott really show the true heart of Mbers. Way to go guys. I salute you.


<<Both offers by Duane and Scott really show the true heart of Mbers. Way to go guys. I salute you.>>

Yes! Holy moly. Living in an apartment has certainly limited my ability to fabricate things. I can picture what I need to make the kickstand, but I have no way to do it! Thanks to all....and it's safe to say that the kit is not longer for sale and I'm going to keep it!