Titan Is Here And Ready !!!

it's a pretty sad moment when in a crisis like what is happening here all some people can worry about are their sales...that really shows a persons integrity well.
I will say that chris is the ONLY vendor to stand up and say 'thanks' to augi for his integrity
(I guess you can tell, vinnie had a bad dax)
i had thanked him many times...even when there was a problem within the review that was being done...it showed AUGIE was being straight up and honest...even that deserve gratitude.
Thank you for noticing...it seems like a lot went on around here without people noticing.
Pardon me?

The design is purely Dax and copy righted. I have no idea what is going on with you guys? I have never done anything but help and provide the best products made. Period. It makes no sense to me what you guys are saying or doing. I am very surprised to see Chris and others joining in the slander and misrepresentation of other peoples designs and products. I had no idea you guys were out to hurt and do damage to others. And with what in mind? What is your gain? I do not understand. This I know. Titan and several other products are on the way. They are revolutionary and will be show stoppers for sure. I have no idea what is going on with you guys. Chris is someone I have always recommended and never had a bad word to say about. I still only have good things to say about everyone in here. Nothing but good people in here. And now this and these remarks? What the? This is too strange for sure.. Very strange indeed. I do not know what is going on. Not sure I want to know. I can tell you this. I refuse to be part to slander and misrepresentation. I refuse. I will continue to be what my Customers expect. They expect top shelf products, and they will get them. Thanks..Enjoy the ride...
And Chris..........

Chris.. The design addition Augi made to the Plate was a rear weighted move of the Jack Shaft. This had been used before. I have looked into this design addition and it will not be incorporated. Although Front and rear weighted Jack shaft designs had already been used as well as idler wheels but I found they are not as applicable. Don chose to go to rear weighted for his own reasons. I have chosen to keep the final design of center weighted since it will fit all applications and also keep final costs down. Again. The Design was copyrighted with Front, Center, and Rear Weighted designs with the US Copyright Office and Dated long before Augi " Don " every received his Titan for Testing. And Chris.. You are either getting Pseudo information or you are making up pseudo statements for some reason but it does not suit you well to be doing so. Since I have copyrights, Dates, Times, and Abstracts for the Titan Design. Period. End of story. At a cost of thousands. Augi was simply used for Testing and feed back. That is all. Anyone attempting to say or do other wise with the Titan design is subject to legal implications to say the least. That is the Idea behind Copy rights and Patents. Again..Chris.. Refrain from making false statements and Accusations. Such things are not harmless and is not fitting. You are a good man Chris. I refer customers to you all the time. I have no idea why all of a sudden start making such statements with intent to do harm. I nor anyone I know has done anything to wrong you or do you Harm. Yet you come out with such statements. Please stop, take a breath, and re consider the path you are taking by making false statments. No harm done.. Not yet.. So.. Stop... Augi is gone. I have lost one of my Testers. I was fond of Augi. Very much so. But I can not dictate to Augi what he is to do and what choices he is to make. He is his own man. Do not blame others for Augis choice to leave and go another way. That was his Choice. Life goes on. I will find other Testers to supply Engines and Equipment to. I only have Good things to Say about Augi. If he needs something, I will do what I can to help. I do not know nor understand his choice to leave this forum. But I respect his choice and again.. Life goes on. And..Things are going well for sure. So.. Please.. Be respectful of other people as I am. The world will be better for it. Life is good. Augi will be fine... We will be fine too. Enjoy the ride...
Yeah, you're probably right Duane...just very upset over the Augi issue.
I really wish I knew the whole story. I very likely don't know the whole story of what happened and probably never will.

I personally don't think that we "vendors" should be pushing sales on the forum like you had started this thread to do...especially at a time like this, but that's just me and my opinion...which, I usually do pretty good at keeping to myself. This time around, I obviously hadn't.

My apologies if I had offended you or anyone else.

I too, send many people in your direction. Some are more into 4-strokes...i'm not. I like the smell, sound, and lifetime of reliability that a 2-stroke offers. When anyone starts talking to me about 4-strokes I tell them of the set-up that you have going and tell them to check it out. Don't know if anything has ever come out of it for you or not, but at least I send them that way.

Take care, and ride safely.
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Chris... You are..

Chris.. You are a good man, and a great Vendor. You have great products and you care. This is the Chris I know and the chris I refer Customers to. Selling products I believe in is also fun. This is all a lot of fun and lets keep it that way.