Titan mounted in an OCC Chopper, anyone?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Wheres my dog, Feb 24, 2010.

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    Has anyone, or know of anyone, who has an OCC Schwinn Chopper with a frame mounted DAX Titan 50cc?

    I am about to start a build on one and wondered if I may be able to hear some words of advice or see some pics of one already made?

    I have searched the site here for one, but to no avail!

    My idea is to frame mount the engine, and run it through a jackshaft to the front pedal crank and power the bike this way...

    Any thoughts on this, or what the gearing should be? I know the transmission has 5:1 reduction and the output shaft is a 10 tooth sprocket.

    Any thoughts welcomed...

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    titan mounted in OCC Chopper

    If it will all fit in the small space, including the jackshaft you should be able to do it. It will not be an easy build. These little bikes are a real challenge when motorizing and changing to multispeed gearing on the rear wheel. I don't know the size of the engine you are using. Good luck with your build and post pics, we are always interested in new builds. Woody