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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by strotter, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. strotter

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    Just finished my second build. Dax Titan 4 stroke engine on a scooterguy engine mount, on a beach cruiser with 7 speed.

    OMG it is so cool! Way more power then I will ever need. I will look for a speed trap this weekend and get a official top speed. I'm thinking/feeling it is like 45.

    I emailed scooterguy with pictures of my bike and asked for his advise. He recomended the titan and made sure the bracket/kit that fit my bike. (I'm 4 posts away from being able to post a review)

    I totally recomend the scooterguy set up!! Yes, I drilled my frame and I'm O.K. with that.

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  2. thescooterguy

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    there are plenty of benefits from drilling the frame , its the easiest and least expensive way of mounting the scooter guy plate to the bike . my first 200 bikes were drilled . i didn't bother with clamps or pedals back then . but after finding out that there were other motored bikers out there ( i thought i was the first and only one ) lol... i got online and found out there were standards . and i thought it best to conform to them . thank you mbc member happyvalley and others . . i think the pedals are a must , but drilling the frame i leave that up to the individual.
  3. strotter

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    Just got back from a 20+ mile ride. No problems. Runs great. I found a speed trap, (where there is a display showing how fast you are going) first time through 30mph. Turned around and opened it up and........40mph second time through. I was going to go with the subru 33cc but got the Titan on scooterguys suggestion. Glad I took his suggestion.
  4. thescooterguy

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    the titan motor from thats dax.com is the best value out there and it is less expensive than the subaru 35cc with more than twice the power
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    I might have to buy the titan soon :D, and maybe a mount and sprocket from you Jerry (I've been emailing you about the cag motor stuff)
  6. thescooterguy

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    this motor ,on the gary fisher build , i have spent more time on this build than any other 3 months i put a shimano 3 speed for the rear hub and disc break up front . i laced both rims myself . the shimano three speed hubs are cheep but they say the shifter mechanism is hard to find for it . so i didnt even try . i just took a shimano deore front derailer shifter turned it upside down for the right side of the handlebars . it works fine . there have been long waits between parts so i spent some time on the motor cover . the upgrade on the head isn't too important but i think the diaphragm carb is a must . and the pipe . the pipe comes fitted for a pocketbike so it has to be cut and welded to fit the bike . this bike goes 0 to 37 mph in first gear . unfortunately due to a miscommunication with my parts guy this motor is waiting for a new piston will be here on Wednesday , i like this motor becouse its small and has lots of power , but its fussy and takes some time to get it just right . and gear ratio is important with this one . you dont want to load it down with to much weight and it likes at least 18 to 1 or higher . this one is geared to 19.25 to one . the rear final gears i have no idea . but it works good . if you bog this motor down it will heat up and loose power. the titan is opposit . low rpms . with lots of power to pull weight . gear that around 16 to 1 for a nice ride
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    Looks great! Congrats!
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    Changed gear ratios and went for a pretty long ride today. I was 1 block from home and didn't quit make a complete stop at the last stop sign and got pulled over.

    The police officer said "tell me all about your bike and I won't give you a ticket for not sopping". We stood on the side of the road and talked MB for about 15 minutes. The funniest part, he asked me what the MB laws are. Made for a interesting ride.
  9. thescooterguy

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    i have explained laws to police also . folow them and you wont have a problem . helmet , lights .