Titan wouldn't idle

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by strotter, Nov 21, 2009.

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    I have to keep the choke half on and give it half throttle. Anything else it dies. Any suggestions?

  2. My best guess is you aren't getting enough fuel to the carb, or the carb jets may be partially plugged.
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    Change your plug & clean your air filter.
    Also u have a fuel filter inside your tank....remove the fuel line & check it.It's difficult to get back on....this is where HT fuel line comes in handy(it's very stretchy)
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  4. The Curse of California gasoline

    Hi strotter, well, the title gives the tenor of what I'm about to tell you in this post. Do NOT blame the Chinese carb on the Titan, as I will tell you a tale about my Honda, here in Sacramento.

    The CA gas is overly laden with Ethanol, and apparently powdered Sulfur in suspension, and this fuel can turn to a loose gel kind of like a sauce thickened with cornstarch. I set this tank aside, and used a new tank on the bike that I was building at the time, utilizing a lot of "available" parts from around my place.

    The first time this happened to me, some spilled on an aluminum fender and dried with a yellow powder residue! Gas drying leaving a yellow powder was a very bad sign I have never seen, having done mechanics since 1968.

    As I related this story to Quenton, he told me that he regularly runs Carb, and Fuel injection cleaner products in his tanks to keep the jets clean. This goes against my grain in that, all these years I have never needed this "protection" and it does raise operating costs. BUT seems to be necessary until CA changes it's fuel formula again.

    My Honda would run on choke only, and I was fit to be tied! I filled the line to carb, as Q had suggested, and then put some in the tank, I ran that engine off and on to try to get that carb freed up and eventually it did!

    My mistake came when I went to the Whiz-in, and I had NOT put more "dope" in the tank, and so, 75 miles in or so, my carb was choked up till the engine would no longer stay running.

    I have been using the cleaner again, and it looks like I'll have it running right again in a couple of days (this bike the carb is very difficult to remove to clean).

    Moral of this sad story is, in CA use carb and fuel injection cleaner in your bike ALL the time and MAYBE you'll not have any more problems with the carbs plugging up.

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    Dax just put a video up on their website on how to clean idle jet. Did it, works great!!
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    what did you use to clean the idle jet? piano or guitar wire?
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    Compressed air.
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    Never, ever stick a steel or hard metal wire inside a jet to clean it out. You cannot avoid scratching the inside of the hole when you do and it will alter the fuel flow through it.
    If you have no other way to clean out a fuel jet, use a single strand of copper wire from a piece of speaker wire, 16 or 18 ga. Just one strand pulled out of the wire about 3 inches long. Bend and krinkle it up along it's length, pinch it a bunch of times between your thumb and index finger. Pull it back out straight but leave all the sharp bends and kinks in it. Thread the copper wire through the hole in the jet and slide the jet up and down the wire 10 or 20 times. The kinks and krinkles will act like a file and clean out the crud, but because the copper wire is softer that the brass jet, the hole in the jet will not be harmed.

    This stuff works very well for ethanol too.
    http://www.starbrite.com/productdet...t=Gas & Diesel Additives (Auto)&ProductSSCat=

    One of the first tried and true remedies for ethanol stabilization and damage control.