Titan XC50 Carburetor RUI124 v Honda GXH50 Type

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    Hello guys,

    Well after a long Winter Interlude it's that time of the year when i can start thinking about the warm sunny weather and ofcourse MB riding. I've recently gotton hold of a Honda GXH50 and removed it's governor along with stock carburetor for that of a Titan XC50 RUI124 type.

    However, now comes the reason why i'm posting:

    The Titan Carb arrived without any Instructions thus i'm at a loss as to where the two plastic tubing fit? I've enclosed some photo's of the offending problem in the hope a experienced MB'er may be able to help? I should also mention that the small honda gas tank also has it's tubing so maybe this is fitted to the tube outlet on the right of the photo? But the left side tube well i'm lost:thinking:

    Cheers and appreciation for any help in getting this european MB'er back on the road.


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    well on any carb

    That has two nipples one is usually the feed and one is the return. The quick way _and not so good for flow is just put in a t fitting. But the right way is to run 2 lines back to the tank and get the right grommet or if the tank is one with a petcock you will have to drill and tap for a nipple or another petcock valve with two outlets. Hope it helps. I need a further pic for a better explanation on the first pic. If that piece of tubing is coming from the valve cover than you need to tap that in to the air filter some how.
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    Cheers for the reply thus i've posted some more photo's of the Titan Carb + GXH 50 gas tank along with the original GXH 50 carburetor. From what i can see the GXH 50 carburetor has only one tube connecting to the tank hence my inexperienced confusion on engine mechanics as to why the Titan XC 50 is said to be a ideal replacement but it look's like that's not true? Given their are it would appear three inlet or outlet points on the titan model.


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    that carb is fine

    Just put a tiny catch can for the lower overflow on the carb and empty back into your tank when full. On the tank just adapt existing tube with fuel safe nipples. Either brass or gas safe plastics.
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    im in need of a good carb

    I have a hua sheng gx31 honda clone with a b/s carb on it... One adjustment, idle. Oh and throttle to I guess if u cal that an adjustment LOL.:jester:
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    Your carb is a gravity fed float system. The fitting sticking straight out of the side goes to the fuel tank. The other one is an overflow/vent. The line just directs any fuel away from the hot engine. You only need one connection from the tank to the carb.

    A little added tip on the Titan carb.....if the engine doesn't want to idle, find your idle speed screw. (the black plastic thing with the phillips head) Under the philips head is another black plastic thing pushed into the top of the carb. Unscrew the Philips screw so you can see the plastic thing pushed into the carb body. Carefully pry/pull this out of the carb. Run a very small, SOFT wire or something through the hole you will find in the bottom. (use maybe 1 strand of copper wire from a scrap piece of copper electrical wire) Reinstall everything, and it will idle fine again. The little jet will sometimes plug with stuff. (Dax has a video on his site explaining the maintenance procedure)