TLE-43 Mitsubishi engines 43cc $40

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by WisdomRacer, Feb 20, 2008.

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    I am selling TEN 43cc 2 stroke engines. I have ten available. If you look around they sell for more than $150 +. They do not have a gas tank or pull starter but they do have the electric start. You can sell the parts alone for more than $40. Email me for more information or if you want them. Also I am located in Orange County, CA
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  2. Dude. 40 bucks? What's the catch?
    Do they run?
    Are they new?
    How much of this is a coincidence that the exact same engine talked about on another thread bumped today you just happen to have 10 of?
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  4. Fell off a truck???

    How does anyone get 10 motors & sell them for 40 &&&&& still make a profit?
    Did they just fall off a truck or did somebody just push them off? Makes me wonder.........
  5. WisdomRacer

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    I actually had 30 motors. I got them from a guy that sells pocket choppers. He did not know how to work on 2 stroke engines so if he could not get an engine to start he would swap it for another new one. He sold hundreds of these pocket choppers and just recently stopped and had all these engines in a pile. I happen to be purchasing something else from him when I saw the pile of engines and asked him how much he would sell them for. Well he was planning to just scrap them for metal and see what he could get so I did get a pretty good deal on these. I figured that worse case I could get a few running and sell the rest as parts carbs, case, exhaust, stuff like that. When I got home I tried one out and sure enough all it was was the carb needed adjustment. So I went through the engines one by one checking them out. Right now I have one on my pocket bike and it runs great. It takes me (185lbs) to almost 35mph pretty fast. There are 3 engines out of the 30 that I think are frozen but the rest are all fine. I am keeping 5 for myself to build a motorized bike and a few other projects and selling the rest cheap to get a little profit but more so to get them out of my garage so I can start my projects.

    These are pics of one of them. I dont know a lot about them except the guy told me they were TLE43 and that they run good now. They come exactly like the picture. They will need gas tank, throttle cable, and battery or pullstart to use them. Thats it. Let me know if anyone still wants one. Last time I looked up shipping with DHL it was $17 from California to New York so I dont think shipping can be more than $20 for the whole U.S. I will get the dimensions and weight soon though. If anybody lives around 92610 area code you can come watch them run and pick one up. Or just come over watch them run and vouch for me since i see people are skeptical about them. Also Im trying to get ideas on building a mount for one of these on my mountain bike so if anyone has any ideas. Thanks Josh
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    I would like to come by to check out, get a engine .

    I live in costa Mesa hit me back with your info.

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    Ok PM sent
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    as far as mounting ideas... take a look at for a rack mount.

    If you want to use the existing gearbox - what is the ratio on it? 3:1 or 4:1 ?

    You'll want the rear wheel to end up somewhere on the order of 250 RPM on a 26 inch wheel. 250 RPM on a 26 inch diameter wheel is apx. 20 MPH. Starting at a "cruising" RPM of 5500, you'll need a 22:1 total reduction to achieve a cruise of 20 mph. (which would let you attain a max speed of about 28.) If the gearbox is 4:1, then you will need a further reduction of 5.5:1. Since there's a 12 tooth sprocket on the gearbox, you'd need either a 66T sprocket at the rear wheel, or a jackshaft. I think staton has some right-side free-wheeling sprockets with about 20 teeth. If you went to a 40T sprocket on the jackshaft, then down to a 12T sprocket again, that would be just about right with that 20T freewheeling sprocket. Of course, a jackshaft would let you switch sides if you wanted, to get the freewheeling sprocket on the left side...

    That motor/gearbox is a little wide to frame mount. It would be tough to peddle without singing your legs!
  9. Mitsubishi or ?? another China knock-off

    I have a Mitsubishi TLE-43. It doesn't look quite like this. It also has a sticker on it that reads Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD as well as a serial # and an air index. Do these? These motors look more like the Chinese cousins.
  10. WisdomRacer

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    ya thats what i figured. I figured I would have to go with a rack mount. Also my mountain bike is a full suspension so I think that cuts out being frame mounted right there doesnt it? What do you think would be cheaper a friction mount or chain driven? I have looked for the friction mount spindles but I really cant find any?
  11. That is a chinese engine for sure.
    But, they can be worked to have much better performance.
    They are clones of the the Mitsu.
    In the goped world, we call them "Chitsu" motors.
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    From what I was told they are TLE43's. From looking at the pics of what I have found they look the same to me. The only difference I see is that the kill button is normally mounted on the case where my engines have a foot or two of wire so you can put the kill switch somewhere else. Doesnt the sticker normally come on the pull starter. These dont have the pull starter and also have the electric start. I do not know a whole lot about these motors except what the guy has told me and that they do run good. Also I took one apart to look at the insides and you can tell they were never used. It still had the sideways porting marks on the cylinder walls and the piston looks brand new. Zomby Builder is there anything else you see different about these engines? I just want to make sure I am selling what I actually have
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    So they are not TLE43's for sure. **** that guy I bought them from. Well ha if anybody wants some TLE43 look a likes you know who to go to. Sorry everyone for getting your hopes up.
  14. Like I said, they're not that bad.
    They are sort of "clones" of the Mitsubishi.

    The piston is a brick in those,
    but with porting based on the real Mitsu,
    they can perform pretty well.
    Your motors also have a steel sleeved cylinder,
    I think the mitsubishi have an all aluminum cylinder and bore.

    These usually have very good torque, but they don't rev very high.
  15. WisdomRacer

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    oh cool. good to know. So what can I do to get some more power out of these engines. I have one right now on my little pit bike and would love to make it faster. Thanks for the help and saving me from looking like a jerk when someone who bought them realized they were not a TLE43.
  16. You need to port them per the TLE specs.
    Get a real TLE, and open your motor up, and then port the cylinder and cases
    to match. Be sure to chamfer all the edges after your work to
    make sure you don't score the cyl/piston....
  17. loquin

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    The TLE-43 has a carb bypass & port that allows air (only) into the cylinder for the very first part of the air intake. So, instead of sucking fuel and air straight through the piston (short-circuiting it) it pulls air only for a bit. This reduces the fuel/air short-circuiting that occurs on standard two strokes, and subsequently reduces the unburnt fuel to about 5% (From apx. 20%) of the total used.

    Unless the carb on the clones has the air bypass, you can't get this benefit. (however, it really doesn't affect power. It just reduces the pollution levels, so that the engine can meet CARBII guidelines without a catalytic converter.) It does increase fuel economy, though, by about 15%.

    Ref TLE White Paper
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    BTW. My TLE43 has two labels on it, in addition to the label in the pull starter cover.

    Ref the sketch below.

    The first label is on the red top cover. When viewing the engine from the carb side, it's below and to toe left of the spark plug cover.

    The second label is on the metal crankcase housing, near the left of the engine, below the first label, and to the 10 oclock position, related to the carb.

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    BTW. Do you know what the gearbox ratio is?
  20. WisdomRacer

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    Oh thats interesting how the tle works. Pretty smart. The ratio is 5:1 I believe.