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Will a typical 80cc unmarked 2 stroke kit fit this GT Tempest MTN Bike?

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  1. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

    Hey folks!

    I've got the "bug". I want to build a motorized mountain bike. I already have a bike, but I'm not sure if it's up to the task. I purchased an 80cc 2-stroke, typical Chinese built kit. My bike is a GT Tempest from back in the day.

    Due to the nature of the frame and size, I'm not sure if this will work, so I may have to get a different bike.

    Might take some time though, because as far as I can tell (So FAR) it's illegal to ride one of these on the streets of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - so I'm not so sure I spend a mint on a new bike to build up - rather I'll look for something used in a front-suspended mountain bike - with a bigger frame?

    I guess time will tell!

    Anyhow, I'm new, thought I'd say Hi, and see where this stuff leads me.

    So the POLL is as to whether people think I can fit the 80cc into this bike, the enclosed pic will help you decide! hehe

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  2. It's hard to tell just by the pic.
    Measure out your frame.Here's your minimum dimensions:

    I would measure from the center of the crank to where you got that frame angled down just to be absolutely sure. That part may in fact get in the way of your carb but then again it may be a good fit. I've seen these engines go in spaces that look smaller.

    Check out the whole thread by clicking it on the top right.

    WELCOME to MBC Winnipeg!
  3. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member


    Welcome to MBc.

    I like the GT. Didn't GT make a similar rear-suspension frame, back in the day?
    (the shock being behind the rear triangle?)

    My advice is to test-fit your engine....with the carb & exhaust installed.

    Let's not get real techie here.

    Your poll is kinda off topic, here in the intros. We're gonna let it run for a few days. In the meantime, start a build thread here.
    you poll will do better here. help is on the way. :D

  4. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

    OK Dave!

    Just curious what people think...
    Like you say, I'll try and fit it all together, dry and see what happens!

    Like I say it's most likely illegal here to ride these anyway, so...
    it doesn't matter much, really... This started out as a plan to save money
    and commute at 100+ mpg, but it's turning out to more of a novelty.

    In any event, I bought one, and it's on it's way and it only cost $105+shipping so no big deal really. the bike cost me $75. I'm sure I'll have fun with it. Here in Manitoba there is a lot of government owned land, and friends with fields / skidoo trails I can take it on.

    I'm a bit surprised by one of the responses, because I did detail the photograph. It's marketed as an 18" frame, but as you can see, the extra triangle design obscurs that measurement. I took some other measurements and pics to better portray the situation.

    I also have included a pic of the kit I am talking about.

    Can you replace the carb somewhere else on these kit, or does it have to hang off the block?

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  5. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    have a look around.... lots of answers here.
  6. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

  7. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    Hi Kyle and welcome to MBc, just my 2 cents the tube where the v is is too fat...and maybe a rack mount would be better, just my opinion tho good luck and happy motoring....bikes are cheap at garage sales and 2nd hand stores...26" rame is the best...
  8. mickey

    mickey Guest

    Welcome Winni
  9. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Hi Winnipeg.Welcome to MBc! Home of many answers, and awaiting your ideas.

    General request to all new members.
    Please, before posting any questions, do a search. Then READ,READ,READ.
    There is a ton of information here. Many of your engine and performance issues in the Garage & Tech/Mech Help have already been covered. Here at MBc we are the home of nearly all MoteredBike questions. If you search and are unable to find your answer, don't hesitate to post your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    Here's a great post link to get you started.