To All Our Valued Forum Members!


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Jul 23, 2020
To all our valued forum members.

The forum has gotten busier as of late and that is due to all the members of the forum that give of their time and abilities to be able to help others in their pursuit of motorised bicycling.

Anton and I thank you all for your time, availability and great advice and helping hands to others.

With this noticeable increase in activity traffic here recently, its become readily apparent that Anton and I cannot be online 24/7 with all of you...There is this little thing called sleep time, eating meals, etc. that we tend to need and

With this in mind, we would both like to ask all of you here to help us, help you, in keeping this a happy place to enjoy, not only for our shared hobby/sport, but also for the wonderful joking around and good clean fun that we all enjoy in this forum as evidenced in our good natured joking around that all of us have enjoyed here and keeps us coming back for more.

In this respect, we ask all of our membership to help us, to help you, to keep this forum a great place for all of us to gather together and have fun with each other here.

We would like to ask that if you see postings that seem to be "out of sorts" or picking fights etc. to please notify either Anton or myself, either with the "report" button or to PM one of us to alert us to any possible, troubling, situations that may occur while we are away, in order to alert us to any such situations arising so that we can attend to them when either one of us comes back online in the forums.

This will be able to help us serve the members better, and you guys deserve the very best that we can do for you.

Thank you all from Anton and Damien.

Karl Snarl

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Sep 20, 2019
Lol yeah you sure cant get no fuel mileage out of the nitro bike!!!
From about 60 miles a tank give or take, to around 45 now. An slowly going to go down as I add more into the fuel mix. Now if big D wants to pay for that gas, hell yeah, let's ride!! 🤣