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All right I have spent the last week reading a whole lot of messages on this forum. I recently bought a 80cc motor from a guy in the local area. I initially found these motors on Ebay by mistake and was very intriqued. So I searched craigslist and found a local guy selling these motors. He seemed a little shady at first, but he showd me a bike that he installed a motor on (a classic beach cruiser) I was able to ride the guy's bike and I fell instantly in love. The misses won't let me get a motorcycle, so this is the next best thing and she is ok with it. I mounted my new motor on my old Nishiki Colorado that I purchased when I was in High School. This thing is a joke - Bright yellow and blue. It took me about 3 full hours to install this, the hardest part was the stupid sprocket on the rear wheel. Once I got it all together added the fuel(the whole mixing thing was extremely confusing, but I think I finally have it figured out) I broke the motor in according to how my salesman told me to do it, which is different than what anyone else here has posted so far that I have read. Well, to make a long story longer, I recently bought some new cruiser style handlebars to replace my flat bar mountain bike handlebars so that I can sit more upright, I took everthing off my bike, sanded her down and painted her primer black. The new handlebars required me to replace all the cables and outer covers which needed to be done anyhow. I bought a big comfy seat, which is sooo much better by the way, my "A" was killing me after a while on that old thin piece of crud. When I took the motor off the initial install, I put it on it's side and after an hour or so I noticed fuel pooled under it :eek: so i laid it upright then reinstalled it. after reinstallation, the bike all of a sudden wouldn't go up hill, Just took the intake off and notice it had 1/2 of the gasket. I cut a new one out of the thick hard cardboard everyone has been talking about and used some sealant that I bought at Pepboys. I also bought some gasket material but elected not to use it because I remembered reading something about not using ruberized gasket material(I wished I had read that before I bought it) Oh well, I should have it put together in the morning to test out my new cardboard gasket. If you are still reading this, you are a better person that I am. When I get some time, I will try to post a Pick of my new ride. It is a blast! :cool: Hopefully this makes sense, because I am not going to go back and proofread this one for errors.

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haha you found them the same way I did, I too bought mine off craigslist from a creepy guy. Everything you said happened to me, except I'm farther along now and rebuilt a new bike with the engine.

When the intake gasket is missing, the engine pulls in fresh air from that hole and it adds more air into the gas/air mixture that comes from the carburator. this results in a lean condition with too much air and less power. (in case you didn't know.) When your at a pepboys or autozone, tell them that you are looking to replace the intake gasket for a small engine, such as a lawnmower engine or similar and they can help you find the one that would be best.

also make sure that the two surfaces are flat and press up to each other evenly, if one part is off it will be a weak spot in the gasket which is more likely to be blown off, This I learned from my experiences with my exhaust gasket, I don't know how much it applies to the intake but it's just best to have them flat and evenly pressed together.


As far as this guys break in meathod. He told me to ride the bike for five minutes and let it cool down for an hour. Then ride it for a half an hour varying the throtle of course, you never want to give it WOT or even keep it constant. Let the motor cool down for another hour and whallah it is supposedly broken in. I could never get a clear cut way on how to mix the oil. He told me to make sure that I get a good synthetic 2-stroke oil. He said for the brake in, whatever the oil bottle said to put in for a tank of gas (for example 2.6 oz to 1 gallon of fuel) he said to add about an additional 1/2 portion (1.3 oz) to that first gallon of fuel. After that, he said just run the regular amount (2.6 oz.) Soo, I guess after reading this forum a little too late, I broke my motor in using not even a 40 to 1 mix ratio. I am on my second gallon of fuel and I am running a 40 to 1 now and it seems to be working just fine. I replaced my intake gasket with a piece of hardboard last night with the gasket sealer. It said to put a little bit on all surfaces and let sit for a couple of minutes until tacky. I think I put too much on, because by the time I finally got my bike back together and took her for a spin, the sealant was bubbling out around the gasket :eek: I have never replaced a gasket before, or ever had a 2 stroke motor before, so this is all just a huge learning experience for me. The whole fuel and oil mixing thing and trying to figure out the ratio's was a huge pain in the rear, I don't know who posted this website, but THANK YOU!! :D It helped simplify how to get the right ratio. After messing with my throttle and getting everything just right, I had some time to kill so I went down to go and check out the surf at Salt Creek. Took me about 10-15 minutes and everything was running great. I got to the beach and there was actuaaly surf, so I was kinda bummed. Called one of my buddies to tell him the good news and that I was coming over so that he could check out my bike. As luck would have it, the bike won't start. Spent about 10 min huffing and puffing around the parking lot trying to get the thing going. My fuel line was completely full of fuel which it typically is not, so I thought that maybe there was too much fuel going to the motor and I was drowning it, so I tried to partially shut of the fuel. Then after about another ten minutes of huffing and puffing around, I decided to tap on the kill switch button. Sure enough, the sucker fires right up, start cruisin' out of there then the thing dies again. Some of you probably already know why, but it took me another 10 min. to figure it out, I shut the fuel off like an idiot :???: In the mean time I thought it was the kill switch again and disconnected it permenantly. Does anyone know a good replacement for the kill switch? I have to admit I like the feature of it but I can tell the one that came with my motor is a joke, acutually I think the motor is a joke as well, but it moves me quite well :)

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Yes, the kill switches are a joke, I permanently disabled mine with a five pound hammer (after I took it off the bike) since it crapped out in the first ten minutes. You can use any on/off switch or push button type, just run the wire to it, then run the wire to a good ground.

Don't straddle the gas tank and try to use the wire to ground out on the frame.....I did that and I got a huge zap in the u know whats.....not fun. :eek: :eek: :eek:

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Aug 27, 2010
Use an ATV [ Quad ] Kill button, easy to install, select location, near throttle, or near clutch. Bolt on, hook wires up to mag / CDI leads
[ black to black ] blue to blue [ or green ] . When you push button, current is shunted, and doesn't reach CDI box, killing mag.