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    Heya guys, I'm new to these forums, but I've been checking and looking and searching around all day, but I must be typing in the wrong terms or keywords because I absolutely cannot find the answer to my question. It kills me to pose this question because I know I'm going to tick SOMEONE off, because buried in the depths of the forums is bound to be this exact same question. I'm sorry.

    I am about to create my first Motorized bike. I plan to use it to ride to work 5 or so days a week, which is only about 5 miles there and back. So obviously, leaving my prized first built bike somewhere locked up while I do some labor isn't the safest sounding thing in the world. I have been looking everywhere to find the most efficient ways to secure your ride while you're not present, and I've found some great answers as to securing your BICYCLE. "U-lock" the front wheel to frame, "U-Lock" the rear wheel to frame and to secure place. That's fine and dandy, but... my REAL question is...

    How do I keep my ENGINE secure?

    I would absolutely DIE to come back to my bike to find that some smart*** thief decided that the engine would be a nice steal, leaving me -120 dollars or more (Getting my first HT kit) out. I'm not financially secure enough to just smile, shrug and buy a new one, I REALLY want to use this as an economical answer to getting to work and home on time, and I'd really love to keep my first bike around incase I get into the "art" enough to try some more later.

    Is it hard for a thief to get the engine off the frame? If not, how do you guys secure yours?

    Thank you so much again, and as I said I'm terribly sorry to resurrect a doubtlessly old and dead question, I just could not for the life of me find the answer anywhere else. I guess motorized bicycles aren't the most popular method of transportation here. Yet.

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  2. azbill

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    people have figured ways to lock gas caps and stuff, but I don't recall this one :)
    doesn't mean it's a bad idea tho!!!:cool2:
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    The only thing I can think of would be to use RED Locktite on the engine mounts. You have to heat the nuts to get them off. I doubt any thief would be carrying anything stronger than a cigarette lighter, and that would take too long to heat the nuts with a lighter. They'd be spotted too quickly.
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    bike alarm

    I'm really diggin on this bike alarm someone posted a link to somewhere on this forum. It's at , it's like $3.50 plus free shipping, sets with a key, uses a 9v battery, and while set is triggered by excessive vibration. If the bike itself is secured, I'm sure the noise would be enough to run off somebody just after a small engine. Anyway, for the price it's probably worth a try. I'm going to buy a couple of them
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    Thanks a ton for the ideas so far. I definately ordered 2 of those bike alarms the moment the thread hit the forums, thank you for the link, it was a great idea in my opinion. I ordered some RED, and will try using that on my engine. I'll have to do some research, as I have no idea where and where not to put it though.

    Thank you so much though for the info so far.
  7. bamabikeguy

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    Maybe Tom, our sticker geniuz, could design a small 1 X 3" metalic with black/red lettering, something to the effect....

    My neighbor has an alarm system with 3 "protected by..." signs, while I only have a Beware of the Dog (with a 140 pound male to back it up).

    Just a few pennies of warning might deter 90% of stupidity, then you only have to contend with the 10% meditated crook.
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    Good point, bamabikeguy, about the 90/10 split. It's good to think of with any security situation.

    Rainsawk, we appreciate your courteous attitude. But we're not that uptight around here.
    Even the moderators aren't :)
    You're among friends now. You can ask most anything without offending anyone. And if anyone does ask something so basic that it shouldn't get a new hearing everyday, then the mods will remind them gently.

    But watch out for the political discussions. A few of us do grow somewhat annoyed with each other on those. But we're still friends on the MB issue.
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    one one of your main holding (engine) nut and bolt
    you can put some epoxy over it so as to make it hard for a wrench to work
    when you want to adjust it later -- a little chisel and some time

    at very large nut and bolts dealers they carry tamper proof nuts and bolts
    there are special wrenches made to fit these
    same sort of things can be seen in many restrooms these days
    used so the destructive one's can not take things off the walls

    ride the mb thing
  10. SimpleSimon

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    Do what I'm doing - replace the engine mount studs with aircraft grade bolts pre-drilled for safety wires, use the notched nuts appropriate to those, and wire them down. Wire twister pliers are relatively cheap, and they will wrap those wires so tightly around the nut that no ordinary thief is getting them loose.

    Plus, the likelihood of the engine vibration loosening the mounts drops to zero.
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    Thanks again for another day of awesome ideas. A sticker set would be really, really great. I will definately look into it.
    Is "Epoxy" similiar to "RED Loctite"? I went ahead and got some of the RED as suggested earlier. Would it work the same way Epoxy would over the bolts?
    Will definately look into the "Aircraft grade bolts". Seems like a very high security option.

    Before I posted this thread, I had a gut feeling that SOMETHING on my bike was GOING to get stolen, like it or not. Which I suppose it's good to be cautious and ready. But after hearing some of these suggestions I feel 10x more secure. Thank you guys so much.

    And thank you Bluegoatwoods, that's not something you often hear on internet forums... ever. Glad I found the 1 / 1,000,000,000 that was willing to come together to help ponder my question.

    Thanks again!
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