To Everyone In California



Hi huys! I've been on this site for a year or two, built quite a few bikes, then started advertising on craigslist to build bikes for others, and now, I'm starting a business here in CA, very much like Spookytooth cycles.

We are still getting everything together, but im letting you know if you guys need repairs or want a full custom bike built, we'll do it all. I know how much you like the Do it Yourself idea of the kits, so you who have bikes already can refer us to friends or just stop by and chat, chill out, maybe get some info on when the next rides are and join us.

We are Avian Cycles, in alhambra, CA. ill give more info when we have more things set up.

by the way, i have to get some info for pricing. if you would comment with the answers, it would help a LOT

What would you pay for a beach cruiser style motorbike, with working headlight and tailight, choice of color, and have the entire bike broken in and tested for reliability BEFORE you receive it, and a one year warranty? What price would you be happy to pay for that?

also, what prices would you consider fair to install an engine on a bike you already own, also including the pre-sale break in and reliability tests, and a new paintjob and adjustment of all parts.

finally, If you had to send in your homemade bike for a internal engine repair or something you don't think you could fix on your own, what would you consider fair prices for these circumstances?

1. engine not running, runing badly despite all carb adjustments, and piston and bottom end repair.

2. paintjob on a bike you own, including engine painting.

3. performance parts installations, new exhuasts and intakes with full testing and tuning before it comes back to you, to ensure reliability.

Your responses will help us set up price points so be honest! thanks guys!
good luck in your venture. i put fyi on seattle craigs bike section to pass the word about the hobby. if people all over the usa did it-----. happy veterans day, take a second. mitch
There is a shop near you that converts beach cruzers on Fair Oaks in Pasadena. Near California St I think. You could check out their operation.
Also for small motor repairs, why don't you call the lawnmower shops to see what they charge. For painting you could try bike shops. Good luck