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    I became a member of this Forum to have fun. I'm glad I joined! MB's are the most fun you can have with your clothes on, as I am concerned. A bad Vendor tho, is like a screen door on a Submarine. They make the food & rent from US. We called them, granted, but Our hard earned $$ went to them in good faith. They should respond in kind. I bend over so far to help my clients
    I can see the hair on the back of my legs! If Your not being treated right, don't give up! They count on you giving up! Ride thier butt to the ground!
    I pay more for the kits I use. I also get the help I need, as I need it.
    Bad Vendors are like roaches, We don't say anything and they take over.
    Sticks & Stones, folks. Hit their Wallet, Oh, thats diffrent! They loose that
    "drive through" att. real quick. They will take advantage of you as long as You let them:sailor:

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    Hello Saddletramp.

    Glad you found us. I notice that this has been here for a few days with no responses.
    The reason is probably that it's not too clear what you're trying to say. Though it's obvious that you don't like bad vendors. Can't blame you.

    Anyway, stick around and give your two cents on other threads. We'll see you.
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    I think you're on the right track. Many times, the little extra we pay is "value added", meaning the vendor incurs cost for going the extra mile for customer service. They realize that their good name is their most valuable asset.