To Motorbike Mike:

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    Hello Mike...

    I recently sent you an Email stating my intention to order a Hi-Flow Muffler Insert from you.

    Please Email me your address, total price, and preferred method of payment, and I shall order immediately.


  2. Address unknown!

    Hi Hal, you are right, I responded to you with price and availbility, but no address. I have sent another email with address, and will also send PayPal identity.
  3. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member


    Dear MotorBike Mike:

    I have your address, thank you!

    Now I need to know what method of payment you prefer:

    Money Order?

    Cashier's Check?

    Personal Check?

    I do not use PAY PAL, either sending or receiving!

    As soon as I get your Email reply, Ill send the money for the Hi-Flow Insert!

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  4. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    maybe it's time to use the e-mail guys ?

    but - it has been noted by the Mountainman

    Mike - gives some GOOD fast service and advice -- that's a special THING

    ride that THING
  5. Hal the Elder

    Hal the Elder Member

    Hey Mountainman:

    MotorBike Mike and I HAVE been using Email for personal correspondence involving financial matters and home addresses.

    You won't see such personal information appearing on this Forum!

    Dont worry about us...we're doing everything properly, Mountainman!

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  6. Mountainman

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    well - sure looks like personal information to me
    no big deal - Ride That Thing
  7. wavygravy

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  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    not sure about your comments made there wavygravy
    I'll send you a p.m. = private message

    take a long ride on that thing