To motorize or not to motorize that is the question

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    Well on Sunday morning i was driving out my driveway and one of our Neighbours was putting a mtb out for hard waste collection and as i am not the type of person to pass up on a free bike went and asked the Neighbours if we could take it go for it he said it will need a new chain, tyres and tubes. Later that day when i got home i set to work on the bike thought i might just put some air in the wheels and still up but i do need to replace the rear tyre but have spares already oiled the chain and adjusted the rear derailleur and rides like a dream it is a mongoose pro Rockadile sx i have not had much to do with mongoose apart from bmx when i was a wee little boy, the bike itself is in very good condition and could not find any week spots on the frame so to all of you out there in the world wide web is to motorize or not to motorize that is my Question.


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    well, the mongoose that you buy today is not the same mongoose that you bought 20 years ago.
    Mongoose is now made by pacific cycle, and these bikes are cheaply made, unlike the real mongoose bmx bikes of the past.
    if you can get a 70's mongoose, then you have the real thing. If you get a mongoose mountain bike made within the past 20 years or so, you have a pacific bike with mongoose decals.
    I'm not saying that these new mongoose bikes are junk, but they are cheaply made with thin wall tubing.
    The fact that you got it for free is a bonus tho, because any bike for free is a good deal.
    sure, you can motorize it, but do not drill any holes in the frame when you mount the engine or anything else. you should take a magnet to the frame and find out if it;s steel or aluminum.