to spitball & stylesh broadtracker

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    That is really unique, very cool and I only have one question your swingarm rear section seems a tad short of a real workable solution. You can still keep it cool by running the frame down (I hate to say the word) in a conventional lines that would make it stress free. The right angle does'nt flow, it looks as though its temporary brace for now, on the geometry of what you already designed. It's just my opinion but I still think it may fail structurally.

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    that's one heavy duty into !

    have fun as you ride that motor bike THING
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    Welcome to the forum. Your are already talking over my head.
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    wrong foot forward

    fm2200... would you walk in somebodies shop & start criticizing his bike?

    if you have concerns.... find the builder's thread or send him a PM to discuss this. this aint the place.

    Now......Introduce yourself.... & say "Hi".

    Got credentials? what have you done lately?

    Care to try this again?
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    no prob srdavo, that didn't bother me one bit...i have ridden around on my machine & all i can say is although she may look different she definately is strong & in my opinion overbuilt. we'll see for sure once she gets some miles under her belt. one thing is certain: i am definately happy with my progress thus far...again thanks to all for the inspiration, kind words & advice....
    welcome aboard fm2200