to the drunk -- No Not Again

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    please deleate -- didn't come through ??
    thank you
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    thanks for that -- it's needed
    I am just not good on this THING at all
    it's hard to believe that I retired as an Equip Tec
    never read directions -- I know it shows !!!

    but I still know how to ride that THING
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    for the drunk in me

    This morning I woke up , praying for some sun
    So I can ride that THING and have my fun
    Sticking to the back roads, just cruisin' along
    Back in the saddle where I feel I belong

    Wind in my hair as the scene rolls on past
    Nowhere to be and sixty miles worth of gas

    Only an hour into my ride and chain brings me to a halt
    Too tight? Too loose? I'm sure it's my fault
    Keep all the tools I need for a situation like this
    On the bright side I did need to stop for a p***

    Got the chain back on, but what will be next
    Flat tire, no brakes? Hope it won't be one of those treks
    There's no way I'm going to give up and turn around
    Instead I'll think I'll head for the bar south of town

    "Just one beer, a smoke, and a quick game of pool"
    Park between two Harleys, must look like a fool
    Walk into the place and order a draft brew
    Drop a bill into the jar and pick up a cue

    Now the game is over and time to head out
    Back to the THING that I can't live without
    When the ride is over I am filled with sorrow
    But who really cares, There's always tomorrow.