To the Harley Rider

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    To the Harley Rider who passed me last night:

    Yes, I know I wasn't making good time, cruising at 25 mph around that bend to the left. You were going much faster and when you caught up to me, you probably checked your brakes, looked to see that there was no opposing traffic, then moved left to pass in a huff.

    That was quite a show you put on there, cranking hard on the throttle, moving far left (I thank you for that!) and roaring up to about 45 in a few seconds as I buzzed steadily forward. I sure heard you as you were making a LOT of noise. One could say you blew my doors off even though my motobike doesn't have any doors. Or an alternator. Or a speedometer. It's just a beefy bicycle with a little 2-stroke engine and it is my fate to make it all work.

    I wish that you knew some of the things I have been making lately. Like parts. Equipment. Improvements. Refinements. Often with simple, cheap scrap or stock hardware. Anything I can get my hands or buy cheaply. Making it work, man. Making it work.

    While you were making trips to the motorcycle dealerships to big your gigantic toy, do you know what I was making? Motor mounts. Fabricated with grinding wheels, drill bits, hacksaw blades, threadlocker and a few other items that I picked up piece by piece. Though it was often making my hands sore, I plunged forward with my designs. Yes. My designs. No making trips to a shop or a dealership. Making it all in the garage with two very tough hands. Making a motorbike. And making it work.

    While you were making the decision to drop 20+ thousand dollars on your big motorcycle, I was making decisions that would better the design of my chain tensioner. Mudflaps, air filter, headlight array - these are some of the things I have been making. In the garage. Alone. Dropping nuts and bolts. Cutting something wrong. Making the occasional mistake but, always making it better. Not faster. No louder. Just making it better.

    And you were making quite a bit of noise, but you know, I was making some, too. That's because the muffler I have, as simple and as effective as it is, I am the one making that work. See, we both are making things!

    But there is one thing you are making that I am not: payments! While you make payments for your toy, I will be making plans to further improve my motorbike making it more and more reliable while NEVER making a payment. My money saved on gas doesn't make me better than you just as your ability to afford the expensive toy doesn't make you any better than I. But it makes me proud. it really does. There is a satisfaction in making something with your own hands and sweat and determination that few things can compare to.

    That bright blue dress shirt you were wearing, yeah that tells me you are white collar. Nothing wrong with that. But that makes your motorcycle an accessory - not a valuable transportation option. You see, I saw you going in circles, making lots of rumble, but not going anywhere. That's why you were making that left - I saw that! - and it took you right into a traffic jam, forcing you to make a quite uncomfortable u-turn and return into the ether - this time much more closer to quiet - from whence you came.

    You never saw me make that right turn, the one that takes me across the bridge, into the bright lights of the city, making my way to an evening with friends.I had a date to make - and I made it on the bike that I made.

    So as I continue to make progress with my motorbike, making correction here and improvement there, making short trip here and long trip there, making up my 2 stroke juice a gallon and a half at a time and watching my gas costs fall to strange and unnatural levels, I'll be making her go just as you'll be making your big girl go. We'll both be making waves, though your will be bigger and faster. And costlier. Why?

    Because, unlike me, you'll be making payments.

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    Sweet write up!Another thing he has to worry about you don't, when your engine goes, you can pedal home, or you can engine home, both give you problems and it's a nice day, you can walk it home!Self reliance beats horsepower any day.You need no one but yourself, no cellphone, no tow truck.The wise person owns his possesions, not the other way 'round.
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    great write up Tim and so true of the ones " makin da payments " Thank you for defining why I ride and what I ride in a different light. I am going to steal your lines :whistling: Don't get me wrong here... A LOT and I mean a LOT of BIG BIKE riders respect and appreciate what I ride and how I ride. Safely and albeit slowly.
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    These jerks hate it when after all the moolah they invest in their rides, we get more looks than they do. Also applys to those cyclists on their $3500 bikes wearing $1000 outfits, then say we're cheating. Oh, well... remember that HD started out with a motorized bicycle.
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    You nailed it. I own two 750cc motorcycles (a Honda and a Triumph), and while I love both of them, my "66cc MoPed" for some reason puts a bigger smile on my face.
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    I've never had someone stop me on my dual-sport and ask about my rig, now on my MB thats a whole new story. It turns heads when I'm peddling like a mad woman doing 35+ down the beach road. If you can catch me to ask questions, I'll answer them :devilish:
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    One Harley rider was really nice to me. Many of them realize that a lot of pre-1920 motorcycles were pedal started.