To Whizzer Or Not To Whizzer<<<

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by doublesaran, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. doublesaran

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    HI, I live in san diego and I am very interested in the new whizzer. I am having a hard time finding any in southern ca that are new at a store, why is this? The whizzer is rated at 138 cc, but only has 1.95 hp, why is this? scooters with 125cc have much more horsepower. And finally, I have found a whizzer NE-5 up in LA, is it a good choice for a 200lb guy who has some hills to deal with?

    Any and all replies are great.

  2. Egor

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    Go over to the Whizzer Threads and look to see what is there. I live in LA and own a Whizzer. I like the bike but they need a lot of work. Quinton is the man, he has all the answers. The reason that the bike is rated a 1.95hp is the fact that it is a MoPed or a Motor Assisted Bicycle. If the hp is over 2 it is a motorcycle, that being said you can remove the restrictions and the engine easily goes up to 4. Have fun, and I hope you find the bike you are looking for. Dave