Today's ride.


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Jul 9, 2016
Yep, George is a Sonoran Kingsnake... not to be mistaken for any other snake regardless of what some people think, looks nothing like a Cottonmouth. Got her in 97' from a friend that was bull riding in a rodeo in Tombstone AZ. He came off the bull bad and when he came to the 1st thing he saw was George. Said the snake told him to take him to me, which he did in a big-gulp cup. Too many blows to the head but hey, I got a new friend out of the deal. She climbs in the water just before she gets ready to shed. If you look close in some of the pics you can see she's completely blind now. Named her George, King George... before I found out she was a she. - Stay safe.
Here is one of my many shop pets: a hypo brooks kingsnake from Florida. I am doing an Ace Ventura moment here.

Her name is Audrey. She's always hungry, even when she is blind before shedding. So we named her after the venus fly trap from "The Little Shop of Horrors".
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