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    An ex-boss of mine wanted to place cameras above individual cubicles so he could monitor toilet time, because he objected to a toilet break taking any more than 3 minutes; including walk-time to the toilet.
    I made mention that i could speed up the process if i unzipped my pants; having them perfectly placed around my ankles, when making my way through the factory en route to the toilet door.

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    in a society like japan, i can see why they take so much care with their toileting.

    i should amend that to lavatory useage, as "to toilet" is actually washing ones self, but hey...

    with that many people...sitting down alone for ten minutes is the only chance you get to be alone!

    i started a job at a certain place a few years ago. someone had apparently walked out, there was the opening. he returned to brazil, leaving wife, kid, know. one of them, got a cruisy job at daddys and spent all day on FB when over there.

    so, after a few months, he decided to return. now, this boss, while not even buying coffee or milk for the staff (i thought that was a requirement by law here?) let this guy come back.

    i really had to shake my head and wonder why.

    lazy, stupid, and oh my god did he STINK!

    "is the food, chicken, change of food" he called everyone chicken...

    so fair enough, ok, yep.

    until at least a month later, still making awful smells and a beeline for the loo every half hour.

    the rest of the day was spent on the iphone, FB, not actually doing anything.

    see what i mean about the boss? WTF? he was paying him? oh well. i did get a $5 raise in the first two months :)

    anyways, it was all that protein hydrolysed whey muck he was downing, cus he was a "body builder, chicken"

    (whats wrong with steak, mushrooms and other real food?)

    did stripping on the side...what did the girls think when he dumped his guts during a show? no wonder he had a daytime job still!

    it was ME that walked out in the end, i couldnt take that, literally, (rap any more.

    no respect...did he clean the toilets afterwards? no. just moved to the next cubicle. the poor cleaners! they werent just lil streaks... i used to go the cafe down the road at break times to pee, couldnt go in there!

    not to mention i can never listen to certain pearl jam songs again, because he not only played them every day...he had them on repeat all day, every day! we had stereo wars. his was louder :( until i spiked its speakers :jester: me with my metal and rock, him with repeated PJ songs and at other times, 95.3, smoooth fm...i cant work with soppy music. micheal bubble? whos that other waynekerr? lionel ditchey or summink... i need it hard, fast and full of energy!

    oh my freaking gawd...

    there was a point to this wasnt there?

    oh yeah...

    while 3mins is a bit steep, you should have 15, once a day...

    i did agree with one old pr!ck at another place... if you gotta go more than once a day and dont have a medical certificate...theres the door!

    urinating is different. that takes a few seconds... but you also hold on until whatever it is youre doing is done, you dont just walk off, especially when the job at the time requires two people, and takes twenty minutes to get going smoothly again after even the slightest pause! unless absolutely necessary. that doesnt mean ten minutes after smoko!

    anyway. rant over :) time to light the fire :)