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Hi to all , I'm Tom in West Virginia. I live in the eastern panhandle of the state. Our small 3 county portion of the state is no where anything like the rest of WV . The mountains are the same but the people are mostly transplants (like me ) from Washington DC or Baltimore Md suberbs. We all moved out here to get away from the hussel and bussel of the city not to mention the taxes and high prices. Problem is it followed us and now this is the big city. Oh well maybe its time to move farther out. Several years ago I got a sears free spirit bike assist motor kit and built a bike using it. It was a rub the front tire type of thing and I instlled it on a 26" bike with a banana seat and ape hanger bars and painted the thing barnum and bailly red,blue yellow green spots and stripes and had a horn and bells and kinda Pee Wee Hermanished the thing. It was slow and smoked alot but was the talk of the town for sure.One day a guy offered me 100 dollars for it and the rent was due so ...............I found an old small 2 stroke engine last summer and was looking to mount it on a bike. While surfing the net for parts I came across Kings and they had an 80cc on sale and I had the cash so now I have my second motorbike the 80 chain drive. Much better and faster. I'm looking to start a third project with a chopper or a strech . So far I'm the only one riding in our town with the exception of a guy in the next town over who rides a rear engine bike but our paths have yet to cross. I wish the would cause he'd never catch me. ha ha ....................Tom in WV


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Sep 30, 2006

Post a map over in the Travel Zone, so I can check out your layout....just in case I get lost and somehow end up not only out of money, but worse, out of money and IN West Virginia.

Then I can do a little racin' agin ya, maybe lighten your wallet enough to get back to civilization...... :D



Hey Bama , I'll post a map soon as I can figure it out. I've been down for awile. When I was 18 many years ago , that would have been1969 my friends and I built a drag bike to race at the local 1/4 mile tracks. I was the pilot cause I was the only one licenced to drive dragster. That summer at mid to 3/4 track pullin hard at est. 155 - 160 mph the frame snaped and I ended up in the guard rail. Its funny that the only thing I remember about the whole buisness is at one point I remember seeing the bike above my head and I was thinking this ain't good. I woke up in Baltimore shock trama unit three days later. I was told I had a helicopter ride but I don't remember any of that Ever since that incident I've had a bum knee and a bad back. I take massive doses of pain meds to be able to walk at all and have to wear a brace on the knee. Some days / weeks I just get really down and kinda loose it for awile. I have found that you guys always seem to cheer me up so I'll be around . You ain't gettin rid of me that easy. I'm now on dissability and can travel so I'm collecting up the gear and makin ready for a trip to who knows where. Soon ........Tom in WV


Jim H

Howdy Tom, I lived in Oceana, Wyoming County in the late 50's early 60's. Next town over was Kopperston. My family are from the Greenbriar area of Alderson, W. Va. Welcome back!