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  1. Tom

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    My name is Tom. I am from San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

    I built this forum because I couldn't find any motorized bicycle forums for help with my bike.

    I have one bike, a green mountian bike, you can see pictures in the gallery. I have been riding motorized bikes for almost a year now.

    I built one to get around campus on. I love tinkering with engines, and this one is really easy to work on. I also like to save money on gas and insurance and parking and registration etc etc etc. I also like being able to throw this bike on the back of my car without the need for a trailer if I am going on a long trip.

  2. gone_fishin

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    tom, this is a good idea...i've been wanting a motor'd-bike for years's gonna be great to share the experience with other enthusiasts.
  3. istbenz

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    My name is Bryan and I am in nursing school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. I've been into motorized biking for about a month now and I think it fits my personality quite well (I really enjoy the tinkering aspect of it). :)

    Like Tom, I too had my motorscooter stolen and began to investigate other affordable venues of motorized transportation. I absolutely love riding my motor bicycle.

    I absolutely HATE the city of Jackson and I recommend that anyone who reads this stay as far away as possible! I will personally be fleeing this wretched city next summer. :D :!:
    My wife thinks I am nuts and tells me that I am addicted to this forum- whatever :roll:

    So, that's me. Peace. 8)
  4. Cookie

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    WELLLLLLLLL I am 59 going on 18 :) I own my own cobbler /leather shop built my first motorcycle in the 60's (an old Indian I bought in the crate it was war surplus) I am an adrenalin junkie and these bikes help with the Need :) .

    My boyfriend and I where talking about the gas prices last yr. and what one of my customers told us (he is a big wig at Exxon)was not good. we rembered the bikes we saw in Nam and Europe (he was Army Special forces I was Air Force med evac./ duster). After doing some research we found these little rice burners and started making them the first bike was 4 bikes made into one and boy did we make all the mistakes with it. We keep ed finding bikes and making bikes with motors until we could afford the right ones.

    I still explore the Internet for information and am a member on several sites including a site for friction motors but I prefer the chain driven one's.
    Our next project is going to be putting a motor on a rickshaw we bought the rickshaw and now just need the time to work on it .

    I was a member of the SCA for a number of years and was a full contact fighter (that is how my boyfriend and I meet, we fought each other a lot).

    "Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
    ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands.") -
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD).
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    Just turned 50 on 10/7/06, the nuns at Sacred Heart (Benedictines for Peace) gave me a blessed, made in Italy medal, struck in the 1700's, supposed to give the wearer a "Happy Death". So I guess I'm covered for the downhill run.

    MoBikes was a fictional "calvary" I wrote in a comedic story in the early nineties, but last June '05 I saw the handwriting on the wall and jumped into the business with both feet. I got on the web last month after a long hiatus, 3 of the smartest people I know WON'T get back on until next year, when their ducks are in a row.

    I'm glad the timing was right, to find this forum to share the fun, tips and hints, not have to go through the search for other free thinkers.
  6. Cookie

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    bike war

    MoBikes was a fictional "calvary"

    That is interesting ....during wwII the Polish army attacked the German tank core using bicycles and motorised bikes and they gave the Germans a run for their money. satchel charges bikes and polearms

  7. bamabikeguy

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    When we gathered during the two and three day dead shows, usually ONE big agreement came about, How long could the US survive a blackout ?(basis was pre-enron, fragility of elec.trans.switches). ONE WEEK TOPS.

    So, in the agri-chicken capital Cullman, we blow the bridges to keep the marching anarchists out, then use the bikes to negotiate trades of millions of pounds of chickens for other stuff.

    But then our general store gets hit, NO TOBACCO, and it all ends in a messy massacre. Humanity, killed off in a nico-pandomonium. No prisoners, no survivors, except millions of beakless chickens.
  8. Cookie

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    But then our general store gets hit, NO TOBACCO, and it all ends in a messy massacre. Humanity, killed off in a nico-pandomonium. No prisoners, no survivors, except millions of beakless chickens.

    DAMN!! no one ever heard of drying and smoking dandilion leaves or cat tail roots (guess u guys did not have an herbalist there) :lol: :lol: no wonder there was a massacre smokers withdraw is bad :)

    If you ever watched the history of man or life according to brian there seems to be a corrilation between chickens and civilization .

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    Hi Tom, Hi everyone. Yes ,excellent idea this forum.
    I'm pushing 50 yrs and started a new hobby about 6 months ago.
    Motorizing bikes. This hobby has seemed to become somewhat of an obsession as i work at perfecting them 7 days a week.
    My design is absolutely nothing like i envisioned it when i first started. It has just sort of evolved into this , this,concoction of parts.I use a chain drive and a belt drive simultaineously to power the bike. I'm sure you all get the same reaction when u go out anywhere. I'm talking about the group of people scratching thier heads and staring at the bike!!lol. I'm pretty sure my bikes aren't like any of yours as i built with a total lack of knowledge or plans or suggestions. they sure work good though will send Tom some pics if he'll post them, you might get a good chuckle. please be easy with the critiscism as I do the best I can with the little God gave me!!??@!@! have 3 complete running bikes a t the moment and just picked up a SCHWINN CRUISER which should be finished tommorow.
    Man what a sharp lookin bike
  10. Tom

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    Your bike sounds really interesting. I have to see pics!

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Haggard

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    Thanks Tom . I've been looking for a motorized bicycle forum off and on for a few months now. this is the first i've found. how can i post pics or should i email them to you and have u post??
    a brief discription motor mounted approx a foot behind seat , chain coming forward from motor to a spindle that carries both a sprocket and a pulley,v belt going down to 10 inch pulley mounted to wheel. had to double up to get the gearing required for my 49 cc's. top speed just over 50 mph/80 km but they'll cruise 40 mph all day long. way more then i expected but like i said earlier . i work on them 7 days a week to try reach perfection lol. u gotta see this schwinn. paints almost dry. ivory(kind of a creamy coulor ) and dark blue,highrise handlebars ,spring seat, whitewall tires and my motor /tank assembly painted to match.
    thanks again for the welcome
  12. Tom

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    For now, you should e-mail them to me. I am trying to figure out a way to make it so that anyone can upload pictures. I am afraid that some of the spammers will post inappropriate pictures though...
  13. bamabikeguy

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    Hey Tom-

    What's your distance from Big Sur?

    As a boyscout our troop 10 did that 70 mile Los Padres hike twice, but I never saw San Simeon or SLO in our few family vacation ventures down to SoCal....

    Just wondering if that Hwy would be motor-bike friendly or if the Hollywood crowd blazes around curves at 150 mph in their Maseratis.
  14. Wheels

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    Hey all, Dave (wheels) from California central valley ( @80 miles due east of Big Sur). Lasy year for some unknown impulse I collected several old bicycle frames and began reconditioning the frames, basic paint , used parts, new parts what ever works together. Then I saw a bike with an engine, ever since I have been designing and building these bikes in my head, I am now gathering parts and choosing the right frame. This forum has helped immensely to sort trough the myriad issues and complications. I want to build a bike that is reminiscent of the motorized bicycles and early cycles of the last century, but modern and very basic. I don't have much of a budget so it may take me a while. My goal has been on completion of said motorized bicycle to cruise over the Los Padres national forest and down to Big Sur or Vice Versa. Tom, I hope I can buy you lunch at the High St. Deli next time I am in SLOtown.

    Dave Crow (wheels)
  15. Tom

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    Good ol' high street deli... Last time I went there, it was so packed, it took about 45 minutes for us to get our sandwiches.

    My dad is into bicycling without an engine (he always tells me I don't need an engine on my bike, I always wonder why anyone would say that) and he rode from the East Bay Area to SLO in about 3 days. I guess he took highway 1 for most of the way. He set up a blog about it here:

    or here:
  16. Wheels

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    Yep it can be a busy place, the food is good, I used to stay at the Islay house around the corner when I took a course at Poly.

    The journal from your fathers trip was interesting, looks like it was fun, traveling light, did he see any whales?

    I am thinking that the motor won't diminish my love for bicycling, probably will enhance it having another style of riding to do.