Toms 53 columbia and 65 firestone

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by try1897, Jan 8, 2010.

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    These are my bikes . The red one is a 1965 Firestone sport tourist warrior with a sears 23cc free spirit that is new . Well it was new when I got it and now has 200 miles on it.The kit was still in the original box and came from an estate sale. The blue bike is a 1953 Columbia tri star delux frame with worksman wheels 10 g spokes wide overstuffed seat from an exersize bike kicked and braced. It has the wierdest handlebars I've ever come across. Its powered by a Chriss Hill CH80 out of Canada that pushes a 36 tooth to 30 + MPH with ease.I've added a caliper hand brake to the coaster for two reasons . As backup and to run the b/ lights. The tank has a Ghost flame paint job. I found blue bar tape to cover a little rust rather than paint or rechrome the bars. It's heavy so I lowered the gear ratio to be able to pedal the thing and now it rides nice.....Tom P.S. I forgot the pic's were taken as I was putting the bikes away for winter and had taken off the leather tool bags .They both have handle bar and seat bags of black leatherand the Firestone is a three speed ..Both bikes may be for sale in the spring....

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    Esteban, Yes I know Mike from many E-mails back and forth due to problems with the first Sears F/S that I had and another one of a friends that I work on for him. Mike has been a goldmine of help and info. over the course of time with these little hoots as he calls them. He sent me all the info I'd ever need as well as he is a good parts place when the need comes up. I owe him many favers . The red bike in the pictures is a new kit that was still in the box till the beginning of last summer and now has 200 miles on it (aprox.) on the speedo anyhow so its probably close to accurate . After I removed the governor as per the directions from Mike the thing sings along at 24 MPH on the flats and starts easy and is a real hoot. The bike is a 1965 three speed Firestone Sports Tourist (Warrior) and rides real nice shifts good and has been alot of fun .I'm at a toss up as to what I want to do with it. I was interested in selling it but on the other hand it would work good as a twin engine bike gas/electric. I have a trike thats electric hub powered and it would work great to assist the assist so to speak. I think it would go good on the flats and the electric can help out on the hills ...thus extending range almost for ever... The electric alone is kinda slow but thats ok it's the range that is the real bummer at about 15 miles tops . 10 and its slowing down some . If I could figure out how to generate some power that would be great. Or I could just sell them both and move on to bigger and better things....Tom