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Nov 29, 2017
Thank you man! What battery/motor/controller?

22hp means you’re gonna have at least $2000 into it before you even start the build... believe me when I say this, just go get yourself an EEB frame. I think the eeb can be had for less than $400 and it is way more efficient than building your own. Even at this point in my project I’m still considering it. Probably the next big fuckup I have, is gonna motivate me to cut my losses and buy it. I’ve already spent $300 on frame building metal and fiberglass alone not including welding wire, grinder wheels, and about 30-40hrs.

I don’t like the dirt bike look but hey, it’s all cut out with one of those frames. Easier than a CG build. But not gonna look as good as this. My thing is vintage American Schwinns so I guess I’m just stupid.

See custom battery enclosure thread on ES should give ya some ideas.
Man that bike looks great. Hoping things start going better for you. Need some good pics of it!