Too many projects: 60's Honda 50cc

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by custom_tecumseh, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. I was mulling around on ebay the other day and ran across an item that caught my eye. With only 33 minutes left and zero bids I knew this one was for me. So I sat there for a while and decided that I would go ahead and bid even though I havent even finished my motor trike project yet:(.

    and this is my next project:

    Ebay item: 230157995080

    60's era Honda 110 50cc motorcycle, for much less than trying to put together my trike I snatched up what I think will be tons of fun. :)

    Much cheaper than a Whizzer style bike which I have been wanting to build.

    Let me know if any of you have owned one of these or have any opinions on them, looks like I'll be picking it up sunday.:)

  2. OldPete

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  3. gone_fishin

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    boy, that looks nice!

    wavy has a neat old trail-90 he uses to commute, & beach cruzin's scrounged up an old "hobbit" & 2 "express" 's that we've been stripping for motoredbike bling.
  4. Jim H

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    Nice find! Rode one of those when I was 14... where's the emoticon for lump in throat?
  5. Thanks for the vid link pete. That reassures me about my purchase and was pretty enertaining as well.

    I went ahead and watch the videos for all the top ten bikes :)
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    We had two Honda C70's when we were kids. They were awesome and I agree that they are the greatest motorcycle ever, very reliable! They only went 45mph but that is fast enough for the backroads. I would like to find another one and use it for long distance tours. Well OK, just for cruising around town but you can dream. I heard that one was driven Alaska to Patagonia.

    If you have problems with the motor, you can try Lifan replacement motors.
  7. wavygravy

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    just cant beat the hondas! many miles & stories to tell about those little jewels!
  8. I had a CT70 and the first mod I did was replace that doofy handlebar to BMX bars. It was pretty cool.
    Not to play the better than game,but bicycle motor bikes>scooters.
  9. Did you see a pic of what model I picked up? the C110 looks much more like a motorcycle/motorbike than it does a scooter...

    link to a pic:
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    I love my 67 CL 90 (very similar) and also-
    If you need parts I have a few spares, and a few parts bikes; as an MB.c bro I'll do ya a solid if ya need anything i've got...
  11. If you weren't so far away, I'd come take a look to see if there's anything I'd want to buy from you, ah well, if I need something specific I'll probably PM you.

  12. uncle_punk13

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    Buy? Man I've got too much stuff, if it ends up you need something I'd judt have you pay shipping- that's how we do in the MB.c community...
    Let me know when you get into it.
    That's the pushrod engine correct? I believe the overheads came out in '66...?
  13. azbill

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    very cool attitude Rif !!!
  14. Not sure about the cam configuration on this one, but I think its OHC. Thanks again for the support. :)
  15. uncle_punk13

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    You betcha...
  16. uncle_punk13

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    Hey, it's all about community, and comraderie. It's About friendship and the love of the machines. We help each othe out. Am I a hippie? No. But I'm dang sure not a capitalist either. Not yet.
    Sure I'd like to get set up and running a shop so that my hobby would support itself, but also I feel we gotta stick together and help each other out.
    So, in my mind, barter, trade, give, or really cheap sell when it comes to helping each other out.
    I have nothing against the fellas who ARE in business to sell and make money, as I understand where they are coming from, but this is what works for me personally. And it's just the brother/sisterhood thing for board members, ya' know?
    It's all about the sense of community...
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  18. Jim H

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    Yes indeed! I've never made a profit on anything, anytime. Always sold for under what I paid or traded even up. This community has the right spirit for trade, barter or giving a fella free what he can't afford. BTW, that little honda is nice
  19. Dockspa1

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    Isn't the c110 actually a cub 50cc? the ct90 was a 90cc and the ct 110 was 110cc, well actually a 90 cc bored to 110 cc.
    The cub 50 was one of the best little bikes we ever owned. When I was 18 I drove it in the middle of winter 16 miles round trip to get a 6pack in Michigan where it was legal to buy beer at 18, back then. I only wrecked a few hundred times and never went over 20 mph.
    Ahh, the good ole days. I also remember that the cub 50 always sounded like it was bubbling or boiling when it was running.
    Couldn't kill that engine.
    BTW they went to overhead cams in 1968 on the 90cc's.

    I just looked at the auction and ya it's the cub but mine was the old stepthrough scooter type.
    I have an old scrappy 67 ct90 with the duel sprockets and if you need some of those parts, let me know. I also have a ct90 complete engine with OHV that I bought on ebay you can have for what I payed.
    Man 4 years ago, I had 5 CT90s and 2 ct 70s. Got rid of all except some parts.
    Let me know if I can help.
    I also have the super sonic special tool I had to order for the clutch removal.