Too small for my 250 pound body?


Large Filipino

I was checking out my local craigslist and found this:
I thought,"Wow. 350 bucks. Look at all the goodies."
Then I saw Littleton. Is this your bike,Dwane?

Anyway,there I was at the Walmart and close to the registers my jaw dropped. I just froze there. My wife asked me what's up and I just gestured her to keep shopping.
There it was. Eight old school Schwinn Stingrays with the bannana seat,the 12 inch front tire and just BEAUTIFUL.Two black,two yellow,two green,two red. Then I looked at the price tag.
60 bucks.
So as I was just checking them all out like a school kid,measuring the frame...yep. It will go...everyone just giving me this "Look" as they walked by. My wife came back staring at me and said "John. It's a kid's bike. I KNOW what you're thinking."
But I was like "But it's so beautiful. And LOOK AT THE PRICE!"

Overall I got my wife's approval,man. She's so cool that way. Basically maybe my son or daughter can go riding with me some day.

I got payed today but my check won't clear till tomorrow. I hope it's still there. At this point,I don't care what color it is.

So am I too fat for that bike?

Here's the craigslist pic cause at that price it's gonna be gone by year's end.


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Looks cool. What size rear wheel? My only thought on the weight issue would be to add stregenth to the sissy bar. Other than that I would think it would be cool. Is it something wal-mart is selling? Is it safe giving a kid a motorized bike?
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Yea Wal mart is selling the equivalent to a 70 Dodge Challenger brand spanking new as far as I'm concerned.
Go back to the 70's. Remember those old stingrays? I'm talking PERFECT,man.
The craiglist pic just shows that a happy time can be done to these bikes.But I wonder if that frame on the pic is bigger than an original 20 inch rear 12 inch front frame.
I think I'm gonna get it tomorrow if the measurements check out(I'm gonna need to remeasure it again). My wife and I are gonna go shopping...she may want me to get it on my own. Then I'll take pics of this 60 dollar STEAL.
Man,it's worth just having it in my basement,just to admire and reminisce back in the day when a bike like this was the standard before the BMX craze.
I do not feel weight is the issue. It's has to be leg room, comfort & safety!

let's go safety 1st---- member DougC posted about these bent springers NOT handling well.

comfort etc.--- if you are under 5' tall.... it will work for ya !
I tried to ride some 20" bikes & was reminded, by friends, of some reference about a "monkey" & a "football". (I never knew what they meant??:confused:) :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Now, Im not a total KillJoy!! This is a sweet little show bike!!
it's a kid's bike.... with a whole bunch of torque! (with 20" tires...A real wheelie machine!! ....ouch!)

sorry large..... I guess I am a killjoy! :LOL:

my bad
Here's what I found on the bike searching around.
I don't remember the Walmart bike with the shock absorber sissy bars,though.

Yea, I'm definetly gonna look like a gorilla on that thing...maybe I just want one because I had one in my youth and I miss it.
...but then the other half of me is saying "The ape bars will give you lots of arm room and you can get pegs for your feet"
But yea. It's a kids bike.
I wonder what I'm gonna do tomorrow.
I wonder what I'm gonna do.


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dude...that "crate" bike is much more forgiving than the lowrider.
you got the l o n g seatpost & some leg room!!
but it'll still wanna do wheelies!!

Hey Large. I feel for ya and know how how'd I'd have a hard time passing that up.
In 1968, my father bought me a sting ray.
I was 6 at the time .
I'll never forget Him calling me over to the table one Friday night and showing me the add in the Calgary Herald and asking me what I thought??, if it looked like a solid enough bike and if I thought it would last for a few years? When I whole heartedly agreed that it looked like a fine bike, , He dug in his jeans pocket , passed me up $60 and said He'd drive me down in the morning to get one.
Man , I remember this like it was yesterday.
Well , sure didn't get much sleep that night .That $60.00 never left my hand , I was still holding it when I woke up in the morning .
No way was I gonna chance losin out on that bike by letting go of that money!
I'd never had a bike of my own let alone a brand spankin new one and a STINGRAY at that!!!
Anyways ,we got to store shortly before it opened and were the first ones in the door and I practicly ran to the sport section and when i got there , there they were.
Seemed liked hundreds of them , neatly lined up in 2 rows.
I doubt there was actually "hundreds" of them , actually a few dozen probably but to me, that was 100's.
STINGRAY Heaven for all 6 year olds in 1968 , rows of them , all identicle , all spanking brand new, Dad says ," Pick any one you want." lol.
Kinda through me off cause I started to look at the differences to pick from and there werent any.

By your excitement at this opportunity , You've probably got a similar story.
Buy the STRINGRAY if its in your budget. You won't regret it.
Man now I want 1 !!!

Man,it's worth just having it in my basement,just to admire and reminisce back in the day when a bike like this was the standard before the BMX craze.

...maybe I just want one because I had one in my youth and I miss it.

I wonder what I'm gonna do.

Hey Large....sometimes I should read (listen) more & post (talk) less!!

I say go for it!!!
Money comes and goes but the Stingray, STAYS!
If you were paid $2.00 /hr for all the thinking you have done, you coulda paid for it twice. Ha HA!