Took my first real ride today.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by The Seamus, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. The Seamus

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    I took my Happy Times Cycles Meenie 70cc out for a long ride today to break it in so I was running at half throttle at most, after getting the hang of working a Motored Bike I rode all over my area, Baldwin Pittsburgh, acceleration and idle were great, it took the hills around here like nothing. Breaking was good, even pedaling was fairly easy on the flats going into down hill descents. Got some perplexed looks from people. :devilish:

  2. ZnsaneRyder

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    That very first ride is always great!

    It's awesome when you first get your motorized bicycle going, and you take it for a ride, it's a unique feeling like no other! It's nice to rest your legs on the hills and let the engine do the work! It takes getting used to going fast on a bicycle, but once you do, the speed gets addicting!

    Glad you are enjoying your new ride! It's a real blast and life is more fulfilling with a motorized bicycle!

    Crazy Riding,
    ZnsaneRyder :jester:
  3. spunout

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    good for you! i'm glad you're happy with it. :)

    oya. got yourself a good lock for it, yeah?
  4. The Seamus

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    Not yet, a friend of mine who is student at Pitt says that he will get one at cost. The guys at Pro Bikes near South Hills Village want to take a gander at it too, so I will spin up there and get some accessories.
  5. RidingJesus

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    Very interesting! I'm looking to motorize a bike for my first time as well. How fast does your 70cc engine make you go?
  6. The Seamus

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    I have no way of gauging my speed exactly, but right now during break I would have to say 15 mph on the flat.
    I am not looking to compete with vehicular traffic, I just wanted a vehicle that could be used like a bike in the bike lane and get places without working up a sweat on the hills.
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  7. spunout

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    15 sounds like a low number. once the motor breaks in, you should get up to around 30 on the flats
  8. seanhan

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    Yea It's a real rush going that fast on a bike....
    Nothing else like it !!!
    Have Fun while you RIDE THAT THING !!!!
  9. The Seamus

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    I've been taking it easy, can't wait to get home and roll around Baldwin.