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    Stock motor mount bolts were so loose after. I tried to tighten them up and torqued on the fronts too hard -- the studs broke off. What's the best remedy without drilling through the frame? Are the studs themselves countersunk into the motor? Can I unscrew them with a pair of vise grips and replace them? There's still enough room on them to bite into them with the vise grips. The motor is still in the frame so I haven't tried anything yet. It's a chinese 80cc out of Burnaby Canada. I forget the name... Oh yeah Motor King. Any help is much appreciated. Please spare me the Black Velvet and wood bits routine. I'm come before you very humbled.



  2. Sorry to hear of your misfortune but theres hope.Always Always pull all studs and if you dont replace with better metric bolts or new all thread at least use red locktite on them , double nut them to remove and locktite the end and screw them back in. As far as the contersunk studs yes they do go into the engine probably a 1/4 inch to half or so and if you can get a vise grip on it just twist it out and replace with bolts and your home free. You can make a mount out of muffler clamps or square metal ,hope you have a welder to make something up it makes it alot easier. Hope this helps some. Good luck and keep us posted. Ps dont tighten too tight alittle past snug with locktite has worked great for me,and i also use nylock washers on the studs even the exhaust which hasnt melted to my suprise.
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    Thanks for the immediate reply. I'll try to pull them out tomorrow. What do you mean about double nuts though? I don't have enough room left to put a single nut on much less two of them.
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    baby pipe wrench

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  5. By double nutting i mean this that when you first get your motor loosen the intake nuts and take off intake then run both nuts off front or back motor mounts and lock them together by holding nut closest to end with 10 mm wrench and with another 10 mm wrench tighten the back nut up against the other ,then put wrench on the inside nut and loosen it will remove the stud ,put locktite on it and put it back in with the wrench on the outside nut this time. Wont help with the fronts but the backs and exhaust will loosen up too if not locktited. I also done the same to the head studs and replaced the cap nuts with regular nuts and locktite and have no problems with anything looseing execept kickstand which i didnt locktite,so locktite everybolt and screw you dont want to lose. Oh yeah you can make some new studs out of all thread just take one of the screws with you and match it up at the hardware store ,cant remember what it was but its metric lol